1. masseter
    elevate mandible
  2. temporalis
    elevate mandible
  3. pterygoids
    elevates/protracts, lateral excursion of mandible
  4. trapezius
    elevate/adduct scapula
  5. levator scapula
    elevate and stabilize scapula
  6. rhomboids
    stabilize, elevate and retract scapula
  7. pectorals major
    flex, adduct, and med. rotate humerus
  8. latissimus dorsi
    adducts, extends and med. rotate humerus
  9. deltoid
    abduct/flex/extend, medial and lateral rotation of humerus
  10. subscapularis
    medially rotate humerus
  11. supraspinatus
    abducts humerus
  12. infraspinatus
    extends and laterally rotates humerus
  13. teres minor
    adducts and lat. rotates humerus
  14. biceps brachii
    flex humerus and elbow
  15. triceps brachii
    extend humerus and elbow
  16. rectus abdominis
    flex trunk, increase abd pressure
  17. external oblique
    flex and rotate trunk
  18. inernal oblique
    flex and rotate trunk
  19. transversus abdominis
    compress abdomen, increase abd pressure
  20. psoas(iliopsoas)
    flex trunk and femur
  21. tensor fascia lata
    flex, abduct and med. rotate femur
  22. gluteal muscles
    extend and abduct femur
  23. piriformis
    abduct and laterally rotate femur
  24. adductors
    adduct femur
  25. quadriceps
    flex femur and extend knee
  26. hamstrings
    extend femur and flex knee
  27. tibialis anterior
    dorsiflex ankle and invert foot
  28. gastrocnemius
    plantar flex ankle and flex knee
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