Social Studies

  1. Define Social Studies
    Social Studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence
  2. What is the purpose of S.S.
    to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasonable decisions for the public good
  3. What are the strands in S.S.
    Geography, civics, history, economics
  4. Why is S.S. not being taught in schools?
    Because it is not on the benchmarks and teachers do not have time for it
  5. What does NCSS stand for?
    National Council for Social Studies
  6. What are some agencies we can contact to get free materials?
    Secretary of State, Geological Commission, Farm Bureau, Parks and Tourism, Game and Fish Commission
  7. What are some free materials that we can get?
    Maps, coloring books, activity booklets, informational booklets
  8. Who is the governor?
    Mike Beebe
  9. Who is the Secretary of State?
    Charlie Daniels
  10. Who is the Attorney General?
    Dustin McDaniel
  11. Who is the auditor?
    Jim Wood
  12. Who is the Lt. Governor?
    Bill Halter
  13. Who is the Land Commissioner?
    Mark Wilcox
  14. Who is the State Treasurer?
    Martha Shoffner
  15. Who are the 2 state senators?
    Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor
  16. What are the standards found in Geography?
    • Physical & Spatial
    • Culture & Diversity
    • Interaction of People & Environment
  17. What are the standards found in Civics?
    • Government
    • Citizenship
  18. What are the standards found in History?
  19. What are the standards found in Economics?
    • Choices
    • Resources
    • Markets
  20. What is the muscial review and how does it work?
    • Students will have just paper and pencil
    • Each student is given a numbered card face down on their desk.
    • They will flip it over and answer the question as soon as the music starts.
    • When the music ends, the students are to move to the next desk
  21. What is a variation of the musical review?
    The teacher can put on question on top and another question on the bottom and have the student choose which one to answer
  22. The three branches of government and who has that role?
    • Executive = President
    • Legislative = Congress
    • Judicial = Supreme Court
  23. How does a bill begin?
    Begins as an idea
  24. Where does a bill go first?
    THe bill goes to a committee first
  25. If a bill passess through the committee where does it go next?
    It goes to the House of Represenatives
  26. After it passess through the House of Rep. where does the bill go next?
    it goes to the senate
  27. Who signs a bill into law?
    The President
  28. Who can veto a bill?
    The President
  29. When was the declaration of Independence signed?
    July 4, 1776
  30. Who wrote common sense?
    Thomas Payne
  31. What are the unalienable rights provided for in the Declaration of Independence?
    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  32. What year was the constitution signed?
  33. What is the first part of the constitution called?
    the Preamble
  34. What is the formula in determining the number of electoral votes for each state?
    # of Senators + # of House of Rep.
  35. How many electoral votes does Arkansas have?
  36. Which state has the most electoral votes and how many?
    California, 55
  37. What was the name of the ship that the pilgrims sailed on?
  38. Where did the pilgrims land?
    Plymouth Rock
  39. What was the name of the King of England during the Mayflower?
    George 3
  40. Who said the famous line "the British are coming, the British are coming"?
    Paul Revere
  41. Who said "hold your fire till you see the whites of their eyes"?
  42. Who was the general of the American Revolution?
    George Washington
  43. What countries loaned the colonies ships and guns?
    Spain & France
  44. Who was the British General that surrendered?
  45. Which President made the Louisiana Purchase?
    Thomas Jefferson
  46. Who did Jefferson make the deal with and what year?
    Napolean in 1803
  47. Who volunteered to explore the Louisiana Purchase?
    Lewis & Clark
  48. Who did Lewis & Clark hire to be their guide?
  49. Where did scientists think we would be living by now?
    The Moon
  50. What are some NIE activities?
    • Writing obituaries
    • creating classified ads
    • scavenger hunt
    • headline sorting
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