Excel Words

  1. Active Call
    This is the cell in a spreadsheet where information will be place. It is the cell that has been selected.
  2. Ascending Decimals
    Function that allows the u ser to increase decimals places of a number typed in a cell
  3. Auto Sum
    Function that automatically adds selected cells.
  4. Cell
    This is the pplace where information is held in a spreadsheet.
  5. Cell Address
    Use this to know the exact location of a specific cell.
  6. Column
    In a spreadsheet, thesea re rthe vertical spaces. Columns are headed with letters. There are a total of 256 columns on one worksheet . The last column is IV
  7. Descending Decimals
    Function that allows the user to decrease decimals places of a number typed in a cell.
  8. Dollar Symbol
    Function that changed The contents of a cell to currenncy. Adds a dollar sign and decimal places.
  9. Equation
    A mathematical equation typed into a cell
  10. Entry/Formula Bar
    The toolbar on the Microsoft Excel window that shows the text or equations assigned to cells.
  11. Merge and Center
    Fucntion allowing the user to select a number of cells to creat one large cell with the information centered with the large cell.
  12. Microsoft Excel
    A spreadsheet application tool that analyzes data in a table format using formulas.
  13. Name Box
    Displays the cell reference, which is the location of the active cell in the worksheet. It is located on the left side of the formula bar.
  14. Percent
    Function that allows the user to change the value of a cell to a percent.
  15. Row
    In a spreadsheet, the row is the horizontal group of cells. Rows are named with numbers.
  16. Sheet tabs
    Labels located at the bottom of the workbook window indicating the worksheets.
  17. Spreadsheet
    a computer application that simulates a paper, accounting worksheet. It displays multiple cells usually in a two-dimensional matrix or grid consisting of rows and columns
  18. Sort
    In a database, this function puts the records intoa specific order.
  19. Workbook
    An Excel document which contains three worksheets by default but can have more than three.
  20. Worksheet
    A single sheet contained in an Excel workbook.
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