Artists/Architects MAT

  1. Henry Bacon
    Architect: Lincoln Memorial
  2. Sandro Botticelli
    • Italian painter
    • concentration on line, depth of feeling, delicacy of style
    • Birth of Venus(Venus on a Half-Shell)-tempera on canvas
  3. Constantin Brancusi
    • Romanian pioneer of abstract sculpture
    • Bird in Space-in marble
  4. Filippo Brunelleschi
    • Renaissance style in architecture
    • Pazzi Chapel in Santa Croce, Florence
  5. Mary Cassatt
    • American Impressionist painter
    • soft surgace, snapshot vision in paintings, female subjects
    • The Bath-oil on canvas
  6. Paul Cezanne
    • French Post-Impressionist painter
    • color to construct form, abstract painter, "Father of Modern Art"
    • Still Life with Apples and Oranges, Woman with the Coffeepot-oil on canvas
  7. Salvador Dali
    • sexual symbolism, master of draftsmanship and color
    • The Persistence of Memory (melting clock pic)-oil on canvas
  8. Jacques Louis David
    • Rococo painter, revival of classicism
    • Oath of the Horatii, Death of Marat-oil on canvas
  9. Leonardo da Vinci
    • High Renaissance Italian painter, sculptor, architectural engineer, inventor
    • Last Supper-mural, oil, and tempera on plaster
    • Mona Lisa-oil on panel
  10. Edgar Degas
    • French Impressionist painter, but 0 like landscape instead liked dance
    • The Rehearsal-oil on canvas
  11. Bardi di Niccolo Donato
    • sculptor in Italy, founded new Renaissance style
    • David(first nude/bronze sculpture)
    • Mary Magdalen-gilded wood
  12. Albrecht Durer
    • German High Renaissance, graphic art(woodcuts, copper engravings)
    • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-woodcut
    • Adam and Eve-engraving
    • Saint Jerome-engraving
  13. Gustave Eiffel
    French engineer: Eiffel Tower
  14. Paul Gauguin
    • no formal training, departed from Western tradition, return to archaic/primitive styles
    • The Day of the God, Vision After the Sermon-oil on canvas
  15. Fransisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes
    • Romantic Spanish painter
    • The Third of May, 1808, at Madrid, The Shootings on Principe Pio Mountain-oil on canvas
  16. Christo Javachef
    • Bulgarian Earth artist, packages inert objects in plastic/fabric
    • Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Breater Miami Florida-woven synthetic fabric 6million sq. ft.
  17. Thomas Jefferson
    • American architect
    • Monticello-neoclassic temple
  18. Gustav Klimt
    • Nouveau painter
    • The Kiss
  19. Benjamin Latrobe
    • English American architect/engineer
    • Waterworks of Phiadelphia
    • assisted in design/construction of DC Capitol Bldg.
  20. Louis Le Vau
    created basic body of Versailles in France
  21. Roy Lichtenstein
    • American Pop artist
    • "comic strip art"
    • Wham (two panels)-magna on canvas
  22. Edouard Manet
    • French Impressionist painter, forefather of Impressionism
    • Luncheon on the Grass, A Bar at the Folies-Bergere-oil on canvas
  23. Henri Matisse
    • French Expressionist, simple figures/masses with bold areas of pigment
    • The Green Stripe (Madame Matisse)-oil and tempera on canvas
  24. Francesco Mazzola
    • Parmifianino, Mannerist Italian painter, known for distortion
    • Madonna with the Long Neck-panel painting
  25. Michelangelo Merisi
    • Caravaggio, Baroque Italian painter, naturalism, hard pictorial style
    • intense light/dark contrast
    • Conversion of St. Paul-oil on canvas
  26. Michelangelo Buonarroti
    • High Renaissance Italian painter, sculptor (marble)
    • David-sculpture, ceiling fresco for Sistine Chapel
  27. Robert Mills
    • American architect
    • Washington Monument and US Treasury
  28. Piet Mondrian
    • Dutch painter, master of the De Stijl movement, reduced formal elements to flat surfaces bound by straight lines intersected at right angles
    • black, white, gray, and primary colors
    • Composition-oil on canvas
  29. Claude Monet
    • French Impressionist painter, painted outdoors, Reality->objective perception of color
    • Nympheas (Water Lilies), Rouen Cathedral in Full Sunlight-oil on canvas
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