1. Chicago Fire of 1871
    temperatures in the 90`s everywhere. No rain for monthes. Worst single drought. Prairie fires were as common as house flies. Drought from July to October. Story: Mrs. O`learys cow kicked over a lantern in prairie. Winds from prairie took fire to Chicago. Wooden sidewalks in Chicago helped fire spread as well as wooden buildings.
  2. Louis Sullivan
    Famous architect in chicago. Builit chicago auditorium--at the time it was the tallest building in the world. He could do things in chicago that havnt been done before because he got to start from scratch.
  3. Worlds Columbian Exposition
    In memory of Christaphor Columbus. Held in Chicago.
  4. Frederick Law Olmsted
    Designed Chicago Worlds Fair
  5. Dan Burnham "Uncle Dan"
    Handpicked every architect that built for worlds fair
  6. George Washington Ferris
    builds first ferris wheel for worlds fair
  7. Frank Lloyd Wroght
    Architect, apprentice of Louis Sullivan
  8. Theodore Thomas
    In charge of music at Worlds Fair, was a showman. Started "the crescent" model of music. soft, loud, soft
  9. John Phillip Sousa
    Popular band leader at worlds fair playing without getting paid by Thomas. Most popular event at the fair.
  10. Scott Joplin
    Pianist. played ragtime which was an rhythmic left hand with a upbeat right hand. Wrote his music on piano rolls which were sold during WW2.
  11. 4 styles of music
    Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, Dixieland
  12. Ragtime
    Slow left hand with a fast right hand on piano
  13. Jazz
    An art form that starts around WW1. Home base in New Orleans. Instrumental form-- american blacks started this with bands that consisted of cornet, trombone, and drums. No one reads this music. plays by ear. 1925-- takes over the country- records are sold.
  14. Blues
    Begins in American South- primarily a vocal form of music.
  15. Dixieland
    form of Jazz-- small group, 7 players or less. Tries to re-create the sounds of the early jazz in New Orleans.
  16. Vernon Castle
    Ballroom dancer from england.
  17. Irene Foote Castle
    Married Vernon. Made a living dancing together. Went to paris. Danced on boat to get there. Had a signature move with holding her dress up. Girls wanted to be like her. Made a living in Paris dancing until called back to broadway in New York in the US.
  18. James Reese Europe
    Accomplished musician. Original instrument was a violin. Black. Organized the clef club- a club of black musicians.
  19. Clef club
    a club of black musicians
  20. Europes society orchestra
    played ragtime music in orchestral form.
  21. 369th infantry hell fighters band
    James R Europe joined military-- formed band... played memphis blues.
  22. WC Handy
    played trumpet at worlds fair. First hit was the memphis blues. Founded a publishing company that publishes blues music.
  23. Bessie Smith
    "Queen of the blues"
  24. New Orleans
    legalized prostitution in 30s.... creole people inhabit city... they are indian and african america mixed.
  25. boogie woogie
    style of music played during prohibition. Like ragtime. slow left, fast right hand.
  26. speakeasy
    private club.... have to know passowrd to get in... sold alcohol... illegally... boogie woogie played here
  27. Clarance Pinetop smith
    wrote and played jumpsteady blues, a boogie woogie style song.
  28. Meade Lux Lewis
    Created sounds that sounded like a train. Made boogie woogie louder and faster. Called it Honkey tonk.
  29. The District
    Center of New Orleans, All houses had bands playing music called jass... had newspaper called the mascot.
  30. Storyville
    Must see french qtr in New Orleans, Mahogany Hall was an elegant attraction within storyville ran by LuLu White. Tom Andersons saloon was down the street as well. Tom was most powerful man in storyville.
  31. "Professor" Tony Jackson
    Player in storyville. Could play or sing anything ever written.
  32. Buddy Bolden
    Influenced a lot of trumpet players after him. May have influenced Louis Armstrong.
  33. Edward "kid" Ory
    excellent trombonist. Played Orys creole trombone. Recorded his own music... usually lively.
  34. Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton
    Claimed to be inventor of jazz. Played behind curtain in homes in New Orleans. Composed. Put bands together. Gold tooth.... flashy.
  35. Louis Armstrong
    raised in storyville... Heard buddy bolden and jazz music as a young boy. Shot off his dads gun... sent to boarding school. At school, theres a band... Armstrong joins, plays cornet and leads the band. Play with king olivers band in chicago.
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