English Final

  1. Anapest
  2. Dactyl
  3. Satan
    • Antagonist: rebellios angel: rational and irrational: ungrateful for God's blessing
    • "Oh Hell"
    • Cormorant: ugly bird that's always hungry
  4. Cross Stitch
    Emblem books: tree of life, embroidery, in Greek or Latin, used for meditation
  5. Majesty vs. liberty
    • Paradise Lost
    • monarchy: charles I and II
  6. Paradise Lost Genre
    Biblical epic-Tertiary epic
  7. Dante vs. Milton
    • Milton: Not Catholic, didn't believe in Purgatory: sought leader through chosen leader: Holy Spirit: Satan overthrowing God=Milton trying to overthrow Charles I: Centered around Sun
    • Dante: Catholic, must have liberty and majesty for a good community: Apollo: Centered around Earth
  8. God the Father: Paradise Lost
    foresaw fall of man, didn't prevent it to preserve their free will- allows Jesus to save them
  9. Eve: Paradise Lost
    Subordinate to Adam
  10. Beelzebub
    2nd in command- very eloquent-Took Satan's idea to destroy man
  11. Raphael: Paradise Lost
    Told/warned Adam about how Satan will come down and try to trick them
  12. Uriel: Paradise Lost
    Guard of entrance to Earth, which he is tricked by Satan
  13. Abdiel: Paradise Lost
    Rebels against Satan when he suggests to rebel against God
  14. Life for a Good for Nothing
    • romance: Eichendorff
    • Main character doesn't have this name
    • Beautiful lady
  15. Kunstlied: Life for the good for nothing
    Youtube song: song that was in the Book
  16. Die Schon Magelona
    • what young women read, grocery store literature
    • Eichendorff gets highly idealized picture for the woman character- for the beautiful lady
  17. Eichendorff's house
    Destroyed through the wars: Eichendorff went from nobility to good for nothing
  18. Elizabeth of Austria: Life for a Good for Nothing
    The author personifies the beautiful lady
  19. Guido and Leonardo: Life for a Good for Nothing
    Guido is really a girl pretending to be a guy-disguised b/c Leonardo and "Flora" want to marry
  20. Ending to Life for a Good for Nothing`
    He gets back and the beautiful lady is actually someone's daughter: so he can marry him
  21. T.S. Eliot's Wasteland and Little Gidding
    Quatenary Epic
  22. Familiar Compound Ghost: Little Gidding
    Eliot, Virgil, Dante, Berneto Latinni (Sodomiser: mentor looking up at)
  23. Wasteland
    Lots of water and Dante: during the water WWI: uses line from Dante
  24. Little Gidding
    • Christian- WWII, Fire
    • Guys wondering around the Antarctic- boat gets stuck in ice-they think they will die, but feel like someone is there with them-Road to Emeaus
  25. Chocolate and Syphilis cochiniel
    Candide thinks it was worth going to the new world to get chocolate and dye
  26. Inductive
    Evidence to principles: what you get from the paper in the mail
  27. Deductive
    • Principles to evidence
    • Knowledge outside the paper in the world
  28. Rasselas
    By Samuel Johnson: wrote dictionary and journal article
  29. Pangloss
    • Best of all possible worlds
    • Candide's mentor
  30. Thundertrunktroff
    The baron: satire of the German's ridiculous names! Complication
  31. Pococurante
    rich guy who made fun of Homer and all the great books-didn't care about anything- most like Voltaire and his views
  32. Martin
    • The manaquee: stoics: importance of nature
    • Went with him to El Dorado
  33. Cultivate the garden: Rasselas
    Stop philosophizing and let's just do stuff
  34. Johnsonian paradox/ aphorism (small philsophical saying)
    "inconsistencies cannot both be right, but they both may be true to man"
  35. Imlac: Rasselas
    The philosopher: went with Rasselas that led him out of the city
  36. Nekayah- Rasselas
  37. Pekuah- Rasselas
    Servant that was kidnapped
  38. Hermit
    Solitary life who lives alone, hated it
  39. Philosopher- Rasselas
    controlled passions- consumed in grief: nothing matters
  40. Conclusion to Rasselas
    Conclusion is nothing is concluded
  41. Possible themes for the test
    • In all of the works, there's a search for happiness and love
    • What is life?
    • Reality vs. optimism
    • Adventure
    • Name changing: DQ Coriolanus
    • Enlightenment
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