importnat things

  1. gov agreed to pay a company whatever it cost to make a product plus a guaranteed percentage of the costs as profit
    cost plus contracts
  2. an affrican american unit the 99th pursuit squardron that played an important role during the battle of anzio
    tuskegee airmen
  3. nick name for american soldiers because thier clothing was labeled "gov issue''
  4. first regular army corps for women
    women army corps
  5. basic cargo ship used during the war
    liberty ship
  6. cargo ships traveled in groups and were escorted by navy warships
    convoy system
  7. turning point in the war that put the germans on the offensive
    battle of stalingrad
  8. edges
  9. turning piont in the war that stoped the jap advanc in the pacific
    battle of midway
  10. when 78000 prisoners of war were forced to march 65 miles to a jap prison camp
    bataan death march
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