Review Modules

  1. What is the primary floatation device on the B 737?
    life vests
  2. What is the secondary floatation device for the B737?
    There is none.
  3. Where are the spare life vests on the B737 and how many are there?
    • Aft windscreen A/C Left
    • 14
  4. In the event of a water evacuation, would you use all 7 exits on the B 717?
    No, you would not use the T/C exit.
  5. As the L2 F/A on the 737, in a planned water emergency, how many ABP's will be briefed for the Aft doors and what will they do?
    • 1
    • block and redirect
  6. What is the secondary floation device for the B 717?
    Seat cushion
  7. How do you release the slide from the A/C?
    pull the white ditching handle
  8. What part of the wing will the customers use during a water exit?
    Leading Edge
  9. What exits should be used during a water landing?
    OWE's ad FWD Door's
  10. If time does not permit completion of all nine steps, what must be covered?
    • S - Seatbelt drills
    • L - Life vest drills
    • E - Exits locations
    • B - Brace positions
    • S - Secure Cabin & Lock LAV's
  11. Define "Ditching".
    A water landing, planned or unplanned.
  12. The total number of customers, including lap children, may not be greater than the total number of _________ ________ onboard.
    floatation devices
  13. What does TEST stand for?
    • T - Type of emergency, special instructions?
    • E - Evacuation - will it be necessary?
    • S - Signals for brace, evacuation, or remain seated
    • T - Time available to prepare
  14. How will the F/D notify the L1 of an emergency?
    6 chimes or a PA Announcement
  15. While the L1 F/A is getting briefed by the CAPT, what will the R1 and L2 F/A's be doing?
    • Getting their Emergency Evacuation cards
    • Securing the Galley
  16. How many steps are there in preparing the cabin for a planned emergency?
  17. Where would you find the 9 steps for a water landing in your FAM?
    The Blue Cards
  18. Where would you look for ABP's first?
    In the assigned seats
  19. Why do we assign ABP's numbers?
    So that there is no confusion when assigning them duties.
  20. The secondary exit for the L2 F/A on either A/C in a water evacuation is the OWE.
    False - It's the FWD Doors.
  21. When do customers inflate there life vests?
    as they leave the A/C
  22. Where would you find your crew life vest?
    under or near your J/S
  23. How many spare life vests are located on each A/C?
    • 717 - 12
    • 737 - 14
  24. What is the miminum weight for a child to use a ife vest as an adult?
    90 pounds
  25. If the red release handle is not pulled, when will the slide automatically break free from the A/C?
    500 PSI
  26. What customers would you place on top of the slide?
    • Injured
    • Bleeding
    • Non-Ambulatory
    • Children
  27. What is hypothermia?
    when body temperature falls below 98.5 degrees farienheit
  28. Name a few things that contribute quickly to the loss of body temperature?
    • cold
    • moving around to much
  29. Could you suffer from hypothermia from ditching into the caribean?
  30. What is the treatment for a concious hypothermia victium?
    warm then up
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