Chapter 18 vocab pt 1

  1. Anaphase
    Stage of mitosis and meiosis in which the chromosomes moves to the oposite ends of the nuclear spindle.

    Daughter chromosomes move toward the poles of the spindal.

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  2. Apoptosis
    • Programmed Cell Death (PCD)
    • Involving cascade of specific cellular events leading to death and destruction of the cell
  3. Aster
    Short radiationg fibers about the cenrioles at the poles of the spindle

    • Star like structures form around centromes during mitosis, during
    • mitosis 2 asters migrate to opposite sides of the nucleus in
    • prepreation of mitotic spindle formation
  4. Barr Body
    • Dark staining body in the nuclei of femmale mammels that contains a inactive X chromosome
    • -Inactive X chromosome in a female cell
    • -AKA, Sex chromoatin
  5. Centriole
    Cellular structure existing in pairs

    Existing in pairs organizes the mitotic spindal for chromosomal form aster during mitosis

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  6. Cell Cycle
    Repeating sequene of celllar events that consists of enterphase, mitosis, and cytokinesis

    Series of events envolving growth, replicationand division in a eukaryotic cell

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  7. Centrosome
    • Central microtublule organizing center of cells, regulates cell cycle progression
    • Microtubule Organizing Center (MOTC)
    • Animal cells contain two centroles

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  8. Centromere
    • Constriction where sister chromatids of a chromosome are held together.
    • region of a chromosome to which the spindal fiber is attached.

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  9. Cleavage Furrow
    Indintation that begins the processs of cleavage, by which human cells undergo cytokinesis

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  10. Cytokinesis
    Division of cytoplasm following mitosis and meiosis

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  11. Daughter Cell
    Cell that rises froma parent cell by mitosis or meiosis
  12. Diploid
    (2n) Cell condition in which two of each type of chromosome are present in the nucleus
  13. Fertilization
    Union of a sperm and egg nucleus, which creates a zygote
  14. Gamete
    Haploid sex cell egg and spermwhich join fertilization to form a zygote
  15. Haploid
    The "n" number of chromosomes in a gamete of individual

    Half the diploid number
  16. Homologous Chromosome
    Member of a pair of chromosomes that are alike that come together in synapsis during prophase of the first meiotic division.
  17. Homologue
    Member of a momologous pair of chromosomes
  18. Interkinesis
    Period between meiosis I and meiosis II, during which no DNA replication takes place.
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