Vocab 7&8

  1. Domicile
    A home; residence
  2. Domestic
    1. Related to the family or household

    2. Tame; trained to live with humans

    3. Indigenous to a particular country; native
  3. Domain
    Range of one's control; territory
  4. Domineer
    To dominate; to be bossy
  5. Dominion
    Control; rule; area of influence
  6. Dormant
    Asleep; not in an active state
  7. Somnambulate
    To walk while sleeping
  8. Somnolent
    1. Drowsy; sleepy

    2. Causing sleep
  9. Ablution
    Washing of the body, especially as a ritual purification
  10. Deluge
    A downpour; a great flood
  11. Divest
    1. To take away something belonging to someone, especially a right, title, or property; to disposses

    2. To strip away, especially clothes
  12. Investiture
    A ceremony in which a person formally received a pin and membership card
  13. Travesty
    An absurd or inferior imitation
  14. Vestment
    A garment that indicates position or authority, especially the robes worn by clergy
  15. Vested
    1. A concern for something from which a person expects to get personal benefit

    2. Dressed, especially in vestments

    3. Absolute; without question
  16. Concort
    1. To mix ingredients, as in cooking

    2. To invent or devise
  17. Cuisine
    A characteristic style of cooking
  18. Precocious
    Showing unusually early development, especially mentally
  19. Carnivourous
  20. Herbivorous
  21. Voracious
    1. Extremely hungry; greedy

    2. Eager for some activity or interest
  22. Mellifuous
    Sweet as honey
  23. Saline
    Having to do with salt
  24. Imbide
    1. To drink

    2. To absorb; to take in
  25. Potable
    Fit to drink
  26. Potion
    A liquid for drinking, especially a medicinal, magic, or poisonous drink
  27. Allude
    To make an indirect reference to
  28. Collusion
    A secret agreement for a deceitful purpose; conspiracy
  29. Delusion
    1. A false belief or opinion, especially one held in spite of contradictory evidence

    2. A deception
  30. Elude
    1. To avoid or escape from by cunning; to evade

    2. To escape detection; to baffle
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