chapter #4 – conditioning techniques

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  1. true or false – the athletic trainer and the strength and conditioning coach should work closely together and have an open channel of communication
  2. what is the specific role of athletic trainer concerning the exercise program that coaches and strength coaches implement in training athlete
    critically review the training and conditioning program designed by the strength and conditioning coach and to be familiar with what is expected that the athlete on a daily basis. Athletic trainer should feel free to offer suggestions and make recommendations that are the best interest of athletes health and well-being.
  3. what should the athletic trainer do if an injury ceased be caused by a particular exercise that is being implemented by a strength and conditioning coach
    intervene so that they cannot have some alternative exercise
  4. what is the first principle that should be applied when providing strength and conditioning programs to students and patients
  5. what is important about safety
    make the conditioning environment safe. Take time to educate individuals regarding proper techniques, how they should fill during the workout, and when they should push harder or back off
  6. 2nd important principle of conditioning programs

    Take time to do an appropriate warm-up before engaging in any activity. Do not neglect the cooldown. After the training about.
  7. what is the third principle of conditioning
    motivation – athletes are generally hi Lee motivated to work hard because they want to be successful in their sport. Varying the training program and incorporating techniques of periodization can keep the program enjoyable rather than routine and boring
  8. what is the fourth principle of conditioning
    overload – to improvein any physiological component, the individual must work harder than he or she is accustomed to working. Logan Wallace identified the said principal, which clearly relates to the principle of overload
  9. what is the said principal
    specific adaptation to impose demands – when the body is subjected to stresses and over with loads of varying intensities it will gradually adapt over time to overcome whatever demands are placed on it.
  10. what is the fifth principle of conditioning techniques
    consistency – an individual must engage in the conditioning program on a consistent regular scheduled basis if they want be effective
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