all wall words

  1. homeostasis
    the maintnence of a constant internal enviroment in a changing external enviroment
  2. tissue
    groups of simaler cells that work togethor
  3. organ
    two or more tissues that work togethor
  4. model
    a representation of a system or object
  5. pernicious
    harmfull or destructive
  6. boorish
  7. joint
    the point at which two or bones meet to allow your body to move when muscles contract
  8. prosaic
  9. avarice
    a greedy desire for wealth
  10. munificent
    extraordinarily genorous
  11. ligament
    connective tissue that connects bone to bone
  12. tendon
    connective tissue that connects muscle to bone
  13. epidermis
    the outermost layer of skin
  14. dermis
    thick layer of skin that lies below the epidermis
  15. impugn
    to attack as false
  16. allay
    to lessen fear; to calm
  17. saliva
    a secretion of water,protein, and salts in the mouth that begin food breakdown
  18. esophagus
    tube-like structure that connects the throat to the stomach and pushes food downward
  19. epiglottis
    peice of flexible cartiledge that covers your wind pipe when swallowing
  20. stomach
    attached to lower-end esophogus; produces acids, enzymes, and contractions to breakdown food
  21. pancreas
    organ between small intestine and stomach; secretes digestive enzymes and the hormones insulin and glucagon
  22. liver
    largest organ within the body; produces bile to break up fat, breaks down toxins, and stores nutrients
  23. gallbladder
    stores bile
  24. small intestine
    aids in food breakdown after leaving the stomach; 6-7 meaters long
  25. large intestine
    aborbs water form undigested food; forms a semo-solid material that passes through the rectum and anus
  26. accolade
    an award given as a sign of respect
  27. kidneys
    pair of organs near the mid-spinal column that filter waste and water from blood and excrete waste form urine
  28. altruisic
    showing an unselfish concern for others
  29. narcissistic
    extreme love of oneself with disregard for others
  30. nephrons
    filters within the kidneys
  31. opulent
    having great wealth; extravagent
  32. artery
    vessel that carries blood away from the heart; contans smooth muscle
  33. vein
    vessel that carries blood to the heart
  34. capillary
    small, thin-walled blood vessel that allows the exchange of nutrients, oxygen, and wastes between blood and cells
  35. itenerant
    tending to move around frequently
  36. prudent
    wise and cautious
  37. atruim
    upper chamber of the heart, recieves blood from veins
  38. ventricle
    lower chamber of the heart that recieves blood form veins and forces it into ateries
  39. diastolic pressure
    pressure in the arteries when the ventricles relax
  40. systolic pressure
    bloodk pressure in the arteries when ventricles contract
  41. blood
    connective tissue; contains red/white cells, plasma, and platelets
  42. plasma
    fluid component of blood; contains minerals, sugar, protein, and water
  43. platelets
    peices of larger cells in marrow that are in plasma; react with protein to assit in blood coagulation
  44. hemoglobin
    oxyegen-carrying protein in RBC's; give RBC"s their color
  45. pathogens
    viruses, bacteria, etc. that act as agents of disease
  46. antibodies
    chemicals that identify and destroy pathogens
  47. racontuer
    one who tells stories with skill and wit
  48. loquacious
    extremly talkative
  49. lymph
    fluid and small particles absorbed into the lymph capillaries
  50. lymph nodes
    small masses of tissue that remove pathogens and dead cells from lymph. located in armpits, neck, and groin
  51. banter
    good-humored teasing or conversation
  52. thymus
    located behind the breastbone, develops killer-t cells that fight infection
  53. spleen
    the largest lymph organ. it contains a white pulp to fight infection and a red pulp to remove dead and unwanted materials
  54. wrest
    to pull away from by violently twisting
  55. tonsils
    lymphatic tissue that traps pathogens entering the mouth. located at the back of the throat on either side of the tounge and in the nasal cavity
  56. respiration
    the process by which an organism gets and uses oxyegen and releases water ans carbon dioxide
  57. phayrnx
    the passage from the mouth to the layrnx and the throat. branches into the esophogus and the layrnx
  58. zealous
    filled with enthusiasm
  59. larynx
    leads to the lungs and contains vocal chords; at the entrance of the trachea
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