Typography Vocab

  1. Baseline
    An imaginary line upon which the base of each capital rests
  2. Beard line
    An imaginary line that runs along the bottom of descenders
  3. Capline
    An imaginary line that runs along the top of the capital letters
  4. Mean line
    An imaginary line that runs along the tops of the lower case letters
  5. xhight
    distance from base line to mean line, also the hight of the letter 'x'
  6. Apex
    The peak of the triangle of an "A"
  7. Arm
    stroke that is unattached on one or both ends ex: "E" "t"
  8. Bowl
    curved stroke enclosing the counter from of a letter
  9. Conuter
    negative space that is fully/partially enclosed by a letter form
  10. Crossbar
    Horizontal stroke that connects 2 sides of a letter form "A" "H"
  11. Descender
    A stroke on a lowercase letter form that falls below the baseline
  12. Ear
    The enclosed part of the lower case "e"
  13. Fillet
    the countered edge that connects the serif and stem in bracketed serifs
  14. Hairline
    thinest stroke with in a typeface that has strokes of varying widths
  15. Leg
    The lower diagonal stroke of the letter "K"
  16. Link
    the stroke that connects the bowl and loop of the lower case roman "g"
  17. Loop
    the bottom part of the lower case roman "g"
  18. Serifs
    short strokes that extend from and at an angle to the upper and lower ends of major strokes of letter forms
  19. Shoulder
    the curved stroke projecting from a stem
  20. Spine
    the countered curved stroke of the "S"
  21. Spur
    A projection- smaller than a serif- that reinforces the point at the end of curved stroke ex "G"
  22. Stem
    A major vertical or diagonal stroke in the letterform
  23. Stroke
    Any linear element in a letterform
  24. Tail
    A diagonal stroke or loop at the end of a letter "R" "j"
  25. Terminal
    The end of any stroke that does not end in a serif
  26. Capitals
    Sets of larger letters that is used int he initial position
  27. Lower case
    set of smaller letters
  28. Small caps
    complete set of capital letters that are the same x-height of lower case
  29. Lining Figures
    numbers that are the same hight as the capital letters and sit on the baseline
  30. Old style figures
    Set of numbers that are compatible with lower case letters
  31. Superior and inferior figures
    • small numbers, usually slightly smaller than the x-height, used for footnotes and fractions
    • Superior- hang from the capline
    • Inferior- sit on the baseline
  32. Fractions
    Common mathematical expressions made up of a superior figures and inferior figure, and a slash mark
  33. Ligatures
    Two or more characters linked together as one nit, such as "ff" and "&"
  34. Digraphs
    A ligature composed of 2 vowels which are used for represent a dipthong
  35. Mathematical signs
    characters used to notate basic mathematical processes
  36. Punctuation
    a system of a standard signs used in written and printed matter to structure an separate units and to clarify meaning
  37. Accented characters
    characters with accents for foreign language typesetting or for indicating pronunciation
  38. Dingbats
    assorted sings, symbols, reference marks and ornaments designed for use with a type font
  39. Monetary symbols
    Logograms used to signify monetary systems "$"
  40. weight
    ratio between relative width and the height of a letter
  41. width
    ratio between black vertical strokes of letters and the intervals of white between them
  42. Postre
    Letters that slant to the right but are structurally the same as upright letters (Oblique) other ex: Script and italic
  43. Stress
    Relation between thick and thin strokes
  44. Hand composition
    the tradition method of setting foundry type by hand
  45. Lino type
    A machine that cast a line of type on a single metal slug
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