Bobby's Random Notecards V

  1. Teddy's Secretary of War who won the Nobel Prize in 1912
    Elihu Root
  2. Argentine dictator who succeeded Isabela Peron
    Jorge Videla
  3. 15th century Korean monarch
    Sejong the Great
  4. City that lies on the Chena River
  5. Second-most populous city in Alaska
  6. Major River of Alaska south of the Yukon
    Tanana River
  7. Married Edward VIII
    Wallis Simpson
  8. Succeeded by Neville Chamberlain as British Prime Minister
    Stanley Baldwin
  9. Resigned as Prime Minister when Edward VIII abdicated
    Stanley Baldwin
  10. Proslogion
    Saint Anselm
  11. FIrst black guy to graduate from the University of Mississippi
    James Meredith
  12. Current President of Paraguay
    Ferdinando Lugo
  13. Hymns attributed to Zoroaster
  14. Principal Zoroastrian act of worship
  15. Was a special agent for the state department in WWI
    John Foster Dulles
  16. The Mismeasure of Man
    Stephen Jay Gould
  17. Current president of Colombia
    Juan Manuel Santos
  18. Succeeded by Juan Manuel Santos as president of Colombia
    Alvaro Uribe
  19. Second largest city in Colombia
  20. There was a 1456 siege of this European city
  21. Great ruler of the Ostrogoths
    Theodoric the Great
  22. Led the Vandals to their height
  23. Issued by Austria to Serbia after the assignation of Franz Ferdinand
    July Ultimatum
  24. Mobster that helped the US with the Sicilian invasion
    Lucky Luciano
  25. Process that ends a debate with 3/5 vote
  26. First president of the AFL-CIO
    George Meany
  27. Mauricio Funes is the current leader of this country
    El Salvador
  28. Succeeded Kim Campbell as Prime Minister
    Jean Chretien
  29. Created the Royal Canadian Navy
    Wilfrid Laurier
  30. Act that created a system of 12 banks
    Federal Reserve Act
  31. Act named for an Alabama Democrat
    Clayton Antitrust Act
  32. First president of the Knights of Labor
    Uriah Stevens
  33. Worked as a Knights of Labor organizer (WOMAN)
    Mother Jones
  34. English king who initiated the Hundred Years War
    Edward III
  35. Texas Governor injured in the Kennedy Assassination
    John Connally
  36. Reagan's Chief of Staff
    James Baker
  37. Last Mughal Emperor
    Bahadur Shah II
  38. Only non-Northeastern stats to have legalized gay marriage
  39. Work that includes the sections "Self-Consciousness" and "Absolute Knowing"
    Phenomenology of Spirit
  40. Where did Truman live?
    Blair House
  41. Pope who gave birth during a procession and was stoned to death
    Pope Joan
  42. Alleged Christian leader in Asia but was never found
    Prester John
  43. City with the biggest seaport in Latin America
  44. Criticized by Carol GIlligan
    Lawrence Kohlberg
  45. Last Bourbon King of France, overthrown in July Revolution
    Charles X
  46. Became king after Napoleon's downfall
    Louis XVIII
  47. Ousted Honduran leader
    Manuel Zelaya
  48. Nobel Prize winner/President of Costa Rica
    Oscar Arias
  49. English general that opposed Cromwell in the English Civil War
    Lord Thomas Fairfax
  50. Carried Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia in the election of 1860
    Constitutional Union Party
  51. Constitutional Union Party presidential candidate
    John Bell
  52. Spoke right before Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address
    Edward Everett
  53. Vice presidential candidate of the Constitutional Union Party
    Edward Everett
  54. German ship scuttled off the coast of South America
    Graf Spee
  55. Person who represents the US before the Supreme Court
    Solicitor General
  56. Guy that finally fired Archibald Cox
    Robert Bork
  57. Investigated the Whitewater Scandal and other Clinton stuff
    Kenneth Starr
  58. Took over for Porfirio Diaz
    Francisco Madero
  59. Southern Mexican Revolutionary
    Emiliano Zapata
  60. Sucre was promoted to Bolivar's chief of staff after this battle
    Battle of Boyaca
  61. British Prime Minister who mishandled the Suez Crisis
    Anthony Eden
  62. Major battle won by Saladin
  63. Chief Justice who died in 1910
    Melville Fuller
  64. Tried to found Roanoke
    Walter Raleigh
  65. Elizabeth's Chief Advisor
    William Cecil
  66. Napoleon treaty that established the Ligurian and Cisalpine Republics
    Treaty of Campo Formio
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