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  1. Abduction
    Movement of a body part away fron the midline of the body part; opposite of adduction.
  2. Adduction
    Movement of a body toward the midline of the body;opposite of Abduuction.
  3. Agonist
    A muscle that is directly engaged in contraction; opposes the actions of an antagonist muscle.
  4. Antagonist
    The muscle that acts in opposition to the action produced by an agonist muscle.
  5. Aerobic
    With, or in the presence of oxygen.
  6. Aerobic System
    The metabolic pathway that, in the presence of oxygen, uses glucose for energy productions; also know as aerobic glycolysis
  7. Circumduction
    The active or passive circular movement of a joint; a combination of a flexion, abduction, extension, and adduction movement
  8. Flexion
    Movement about a joint in which the bones on either side of the joint are brought closer to each other; opposite of extension
  9. Extension
    Movement at a joint that brings two parts into or towards a straight line, thereby increasing the angle of the joint, such as straightening the elbow; opposite of flexion
  10. Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates have how many Calories per gram
    Protein=4 Carbohydrate=4 Fat=9
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