Infuse 4G

  1. The Samsung Infuse 4G has a screen of what size?

    A) 4.5 in
  2. The Infuse has what type of processor?

    D) 1.2 GHz Hummingbird
  3. The Infuse 4G will be running what Android System?

    C) 2.2
  4. What type of camera does this handset use?

    C) 8.0 mp
  5. Samsung Infuse has a Super AMOLED Plus screen, how many sub-pixels does this phone have per mega-pixel?

    A) 12
  6. What high quality video resolution is this phone capable of recording?

    A) 1080p
  7. What is the max internet speed of this phone for internet speeds?

    B) 21 mbps
  8. This phone supports a front facing camera, what is the quality of it?

    B) 1.3 mp
  9. This phone will be the thinnest smartphone yet, what is the thickness of this phone?

    D) 8.99mm
  10. What type of video out does this phone support?

    C) DLNA
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