absolutism part 1

  1. Cause - Charles V was a dovout Catholic
    Effect - He fought to surpass the Protestant movement in the German States.
  2. Cause - Philip fought many wars as he advanced Spanish Catholic power throughtout the world ruled by divine right.
    Effect - Philip saw himself as the guardian of the Catholic Church and tried to turn back the President tide in Europe.
  3. Cause - Philip II turned the Inquisition against the Protestants.
    Effect - Northern, largely Protestant provinas declared independence and became known as the Dutch Netherlands. 1581
  4. Cause - The Spanish Armada was ravased by storms at sea. (Defeated by English)
    Effect - Spain's long term naval superiority dwindled.
  5. Cause - Philip II patronized the arts.
    Effect - Spain went through a Golden Age, and throughouly prospered.
  6. Cause - The Successors of Philip II were less able rulers than him.
    Effect The spanish economy declined and Spanish powere weakend.
  7. How many titles did Charles have and what were they?
    2 - Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain 1519 - 1556
  8. What happens when Charles steps down?
    Retires to a monastrey
  9. Describe Philip II.
    1556 - 1598 wife was Mary Tudor / Spain was rich / he was an extremely hard worker / built palace ElEscorial - Spanish palace, monastery, church
  10. Explain the Netherlands independence.
    Mmainly protestant - tired of having foreign king
  11. What was the Spanish Armada>
    1588 - Spanish Navy
  12. Why did Spain attack England?
    England helped Netherlands gain independence / Elizabeth was supporting Sea Dogs.
  13. Name two Golden Century Spanish Artists.
    El Greco / Velazquez (royalty)
  14. Name five facts about Louis XIV.
    • a. Religious wars raged between Huguenots and Cotholic majority from the 1560's to the 1590's.
    • b. The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre showed a complete breakdown of power in Frnace.
    • c. The Edict of Nantes was issued by Henry IV; it granted the Huguenots religious toleration and allowed them to fortify their own towns and cities.
    • d. Under Henry, the governemnt reached into every area of life.
    • e. Cardinal Armand Richeliev ran the government for Louis XIII. He worked destroy powere of the nobles and Huguenots and to extend boundaries.
  15. Name five facts wnder Louis XIV. (1643 - 1715)
    • a. Under Louis XIV, ties between the middle class and monarchy were strengthened and the French army became the strongest in Europe.
    • b. Finance minister Jean Baptiste Colbert followed mercantilist policies to bolster the economy and promote trade.
    • c. Louis XIV built an immense and luxurious palace at Versailles.
    • d. Louis XIV ruled life at Versailles. They helped Louis XIV increase his own importance and diminish the power of the high ranking nobles.
    • e. The age of Louis XIV was the classical age of French literation, in which the playwrights Jean Racineand moliere achieved prominence.
    • f. Louis XIV spent vast resources on wars to extend French borders. He also revoked Edict of Nantes.
  16. Huguenots
    French Protestants
  17. St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
    Royal wedding where Catholics and Prtestants were present, fight broke out, after a few days 1,000 of Huguenots were killed. (1572)
  18. 1st Burbon king
    Henry IV (1589) Protestant, but he converts to Catholic to keep peace.
  19. 2nd Burbon King
    Louis XIII
  20. What did Richeliev do?
    Weaken power--tore down castle walls, got rid of private armies, but he did give nobles high positions at court.
  21. Louis XIV -
    • Louis the Great - Sun King
    • Strengthens ties with middle class by giving them intendent jobs.
  22. Mercantilism
    exploring more than import
  23. War of Spanish succession
    French lost
  24. Revoking Edict of Nantes
    Louis stopped freedom of religion / Thousands of Huguenots fled France
  25. Louis died at what age?
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