Geology 101 Final

  1. Beach drift is:
    The movement of sand through swash and backwash
  2. What is the correct order as erosional processes continue?
    Sea cave → sea arch → sea stack
  3. A tombolo is:
    A ridge of sand connecting an island to a mainland or another island
  4. Jetties are:
    Paired structures extending into the ocean
  5. What scale is used to classify hurricane intensities?
  6. Glacial ice cores can tell us:
    Ancient atmospheric composition
  7. In the greenhouse effect:
    The atmosphere is transparent to short wave, and traps long wave radiation
  8. Oxygen isotopes are very useful for:
    Ancient water temperature
  9. A lake formed by the melting of a block of ice covered over by till during a glacial retreat.
  10. Grooves left behind in polished bedrock indicating the direction of glacial advance.
    End moraine
  11. A ridge of till deposited at the terminus of a glacier.
  12. Complete the following sequence from snow to glacial ice:
    Snow → Granular ice → Firn → glacial ice.
  13. Which of the following climatic conditions will promote glacier growth
    accumulation > wastage
  14. What is a playa?
    A dried up lake bed in the desert
  15. Barchan sand dunes are:
    Solitary sand dunes shaped like crescents and with their tips pointing downwind.
  16. Transverse dunes are:
    A series of long ridges separated by troughs and oriented at a right angle to the prevailing wind
  17. To be considered a dry climate does the amount of precipitation need to be greater or less than water lost to evaporation?
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