1. Site and situation
    • it is next to the firth of forth, Edinburgh can trade easily with other European countries through the port of Leith. This gave them a good income and they could spend money on developing the city.
    • Also as it is next to the Pentlands and the forth all travellers were funnelled towards Edinburgh. This meant all trade had to pass through the city so they earn money from that. This again meant they could grow and develop with the extra money they were receiving.
    • Due to their good location Edinburgh could repel the invading English armies. This meant that buildings couldn’t be destroyed and their money taken.
    • In terms of the site, the city was built up a round a crag and tail. Upon the crag the castle was built whereas tenements were built along the tail.
    • As the city had a strong defensive position people wanted to live there so the city grew.
    • There were also two hollows to either side of the tail. These were ideal for farming and so many farmers lived there.
    • The city expanded outwards along its main axis routes e.g., Queensferry road, Glasgow. Industry was built in the deep gorges using the power of the water of Leith.
  2. Changes to CBD
    • Large exspensive stores built-Harvey Nics-old bus station
    • new cinema-omni
    • slums cleared and a new multi function st james centre has been built-increased population
    • Sheraton-old railway
    • Flats gentrified with council grants-demand high rent
    • rose street pedestrianised-more pleasant
    • Traffic except buses banned on princess street-polution and vibrations
  3. Leith changes
    • Scottish executive-new jobs- reduce congestion
    • new flats-platinum point
    • real radio
    • ocean terminal
    • royal yacht britania
    • new hotels
    • next generation
    • resturants
    • Big events-mtv
    • Passanger shipping trade
    • Leith walk-tree planting
    • Tesco
  4. traffic
    • vibration-roads blocked to limit traffic- buses and taxis only p.s east bound
    • Parking- multi storey-greenside place-exspensive and limited, park and ride,buses improved
    • Safety- pedestraians-zebra, bolalrds and pinch points, pedestrian zones-bikes cycle paths
    • congestion-bypass A720 greenway-lotian road- park and ride
    • Gridlock-traffic lights, yellow boxes
    • pollution- restricted access-lotian road
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