OH 103

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  1. Campsis radicans
    Orange Trumpet Creeper

    Largely toothed margin. Flowers similar to the Orange Jubilee but a vine
  2. Macfadyena unguiscati
    Image Upload 1Cat claw vine

    Clinging vine located by grape vine.
  3. Tecoma x 'Orange Jubilee'
    Orange Jubilee Tecoma

    Large shrub with orange trumpet shaped flowers that are zygomorphic. Toothed margin

  4. Tecoma stans
    Yellow Bells

    Shrub similar to Orange Jubilee but with Bright yellow flowers. Leaves are pinnate and leaflets are toothed.
  5. Tecomaria capensis
    Cape Honeysuckle

    Evergreen with dark shiny leaves. Odd Pinnate with diamond shape to them. Whorled, opposite and alternate leaf attachment. Orange flowers
  6. X Chitalpa tashkentensis

    Intergenus between chilopsis and catapa bignoniodes.

    Leaves are medium green and lanceolate. Large white to lavander blooms. Short lived tree due to shedding of bark allowing for damage and bug infestation.
  7. Dalbergia sissoo
    Indan Rosewood

    Only tree in group. Pinnate alternate leaflets with unusual obcordate leaf shape. Trunk is tan
  8. Cortaderia selloana 'Pumila'
    Dwarf Pampas grass

    clumping grass. Serrulate margin that can cut. Large white to cream panicle of plumage flower.
  9. Muhlenbergia dumosa
    Bamboo muhly

    Grass that resembles a thin bamboo.
  10. Pennistetum setaceum
    Green Fountain Grass

    Invasive weed. spiked flower inflourescence. Tall thin grass.

    Short stolens and ryzomes.
  11. Nassella tenuissima
    Mesican feather grass.

    Airest of all grasses. border plant. Bright green in spring and fading to tan during the summer.
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