Hypo and Hypermagnesemia

  1. What causes hypermagnesemia?
    Meds (anatacids, laxatives)
  2. What are sx of hypermagnesemia?
    weakness, N/V, hypotension, arrhythmia, asystole, loss of reflexes
  3. How do you tx hypermagnesemia?
    • Make sure meds they are taking don't contain Mg
    • Calcium gluconate if they become toxic and develop arryhthmias
    • Dialysis if they code
    • Loop diuretics with nl renal function
  4. What causes hypomagnesemia?
    • Cirrhosis
    • Chronic EtOH
    • Drop in Ca and K levels
  5. What EKG changes develop with magenesium problems?
    None do
  6. How do you tx hypomagnesemia?
    • MgOxide PO or MgSO4 rider (2-4gm)
    • 2g for renal failure, 4g for nonrenal failure
  7. What are sx for hypomagnesemia?
    None (possible decreased reflexes)
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Hypo and Hypermagnesemia
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