Music Appreciation Final

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  1. three composers from the baroque period
    • Bach
    • Handle
    • Vivaldi
  2. three main composers from the classical period plus 1
    • Beethoven
    • Mozart
    • Haydn
    • schubert (considered classical and romantic)
  3. who wrote the most songs and what is the term for songs
    schubert at 600 lieds
  4. what is program music
    music that tells a story like the Four Seasons by Vivaldi
  5. what is the term that means that a person can play almost anything on their instrument?
  6. the names and origin of two main opera composers
    • italy - gluseppe verdi
    • germany - richard wagner
  7. name the four categories of instruments and at least four instruments in each category
    • strings harp, violen, cello, double bass
    • woodwinds oboe, clarinet, bassoon, flute
    • Brass trumpet, tuba, trombone, french horn
    • Percussion timpani, snare, cymbals, gong
  8. six periods in order
    • middle ages
    • renasonce
    • baroque
    • classical
    • romantic
    • 20th century
  9. seating chart for orchestra
    • xxxxxxxxxx percussion xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • xxxxxxxxxxxx Brass xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • xxxxxxxxx woodwinds xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • harp xxxxxx violas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • piano xxxxx violas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • first violins xx conductor xx cellos&bass
  10. what language is used
  11. what is the church serivce called
  12. sonata allegro form
    • I. exposition
    • first theme - home key
    • bridge
    • second theme - new key
    • bridge
    • repeat
    • II. development
    • III. recapitulation
    • first theme - home key
    • coda - home key
  13. what is chamber music
    ensemble music for up to about ten players with one player to a part
  14. orchestration
    person who would take a peice of piano music and assign parts to different instruments
  15. Frederic chopin
    • poet of the piano
    • wrote lots of little pieces for lesser men to play
    • greatest pianoist in the romantic period
  16. johannes brahms
    • considered the most important composer in the romantic period
    • did not write opera but wrote 4 wonderful symphonies, piano music, piano concerto, etc
  17. tchaikovsky
    • first important russian composer
    • best known for ballet music
    • 7 symphonies
  18. impressionism
    • debussy most important composer
    • first major movement in 20th century
  19. aaron copland
    • wrote music for films, dance, ballets
    • considered the greatest american composer
  20. jazz and blues
    • scott joplin - first to write jazz music (rag time)
    • w c handy - father of the blues (from florence)
    • blue note
    • louis armstrong - father of jazz
    • scat singing (louis & ellie fitzgerald)
    • american musical theatre
  21. george gershwin
    american composer who wanted to write classical music that incorporated jazz and blues (wrote the rapsody and blues)
  22. rock n roll
    • mix of country, gosple, Rhythm n Blues, pop
    • motown - detriot
    • elvis
    • beach boys
    • jimi hendrix
    • rolling stones
    • little richard
    • frank sinatra
    • ray charles (father of soul)
    • sam phillips
    • sun records
    • beattles - 1964
    • woodstock - 1969
    • 70's = elton john & led zepplin
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