Science Skills

  1. Aim
    A statement that clearly states what the investigation is about.
  2. Hypothesis
    Your calculated judgment as to the outcome of the investigation.
  3. Method
    A list of important steps involved in carrying out the investigation.
  4. Diagram
    2-diamensional drawing of the apparatus being used.
  5. Results
    Data collected during the investigation.
  6. Tabulate
    Presentation of data using a table.
  7. Graph
    2-diamensional representation of the data using �x� and �y� axis.
  8. Discussion
    Comment about the data obtained, an analysis of this data and any improvements in the method used.
  9. Conclusion
    Statement which answers the aim of the investigation
  10. Controlled variable
    Aspects of the investigation that you ensure remain constant throughout the task.
  11. Dependent variable
    Variable that changes in response to the independent variable changing.
  12. Qualitative analysis
    One that requires the scientist to use your senses to obtain information.
  13. Quantative analysis
    Requires the scientist to make accurate measurements.
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