Vietnam War

  1. Reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War
    • - Beliefs in the principle of forward defence
    • - Fear of communism
    • - Concerns over Indonesia
    • - Australia's alliance commitments (SEATO 1954 & ANZUS 1951)
  2. What is Communism?
    Economic system in which, in theory, wealth is shared equally and the means of production, distribution and exchange are commonly owned.
  3. What is Capitalism?
    Economic system in which enterprises are privately owned and operated for profit.
  4. What was the "Domino Theory"?
    the ideathat is Indochina or any part of it 'fell' to communism, the rest of South-East Asia would follow.
  5. What is the ANZUS treaty?
    An anti-communim alliance formed between the USA, Australia and New Zealand in 1951.
  6. What is SEATO?
    (South-East Asia Treaty Organisation) The anti-communist treaty linking US, Britian, France, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand from 1954.
  7. What was the "Save Our Sons" movement?
    An anti-Vietnam war group who protested peacefully and objected to conscription. They were mainly middle-aged middle-class women.
  8. What is Indochina?
    Peninsula between India and China that includes Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
  9. What was the Petrov Affair?
    • In 1954, Vladimir Petrov, a high-ranking Soviet diplomat who was also a Soviet secret agent, refused to return to the USSR and asked to allowed to stay in Australia.
    • The Petrov's were accused of spying on Australia. This was not true. They were forced to change their names.
  10. When was Conscription re-introduced?
    In November 1964 by Menzies.
  11. What is Guerilla Warfare?
    A form of irregular warfare that refers to conflicts in which smaller groups of combatants including armed civilans who used military tactics. tactics included abushes, sabotage, raid, elements of surprise and the mobility to harass a larder abd kess mobile, traditional army and then withdraw immediately.
  12. What are some types of warfare? (excluding Guerilla)
    • - Punji sticks: booby traps with spiky pits
    • - Defoliation: killing trees so that they could not be used as hiding places.
    • - Napalm strikes: flammable gel dropped by plane.
    • -Agent orange: a liquid dropped by plane for defoliation
  13. What was the Vietnam Action Committee?
    A peace movement who led a campaign against conscription in Australia; known as the VAC.
  14. What was the Moratorium Committee?
    Large, peaceful protests that were held all over the world (particularly in the USA and Australia. Millions of people participated. The slogan 'Bring our Boys back' was often used.
  15. What was Vietcong?
    A political and military organisation that had both guerilla and regular army units. Also known as the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF).
  16. Who was "LBJ" and what was meant by "All the way with LBJ"?
    "LBJ" was Lyndon Baines Johnson who was the US president at the same time Holt was prime minster. "All the way with LBJ" was a commitment to supporting the US politically.
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