AP euro test

  1. Treaty of Chaumont
    Created the Quadruple Alliance
  2. Hacienda economy of spanish colonies
    built on backs of native americans and was a plantation-strucuture agricultural model
  3. Growth of Italian city states included
    distracted papal, geographic position, wealthy merchant class and competitive spirit
  4. Long reaching effects of plaque
    Growth of apprenticeships and skilled artisans for demand of luxery goods
  5. Pan-German League
    • Created in 1891
    • Wanted lebensraum
  6. Henry VIII
    Converted from Catholicism
  7. Max Weber
    Join religious confidence with self-disciplined activism would fuel birth of capitalistic success
  8. 1492 in spain
    Columbus sails and Grandada defeated
  9. Fronde
    Lead to a deep mistrust of nobles by Louis XIV
  10. Samuel Morse
  11. Revolutions of 1848
    Caused by food shortage and high prices of food
  12. Victorian era women
    Primary goal to be good mother and wifes
  13. Pugachev Rebellion
    Discontent between Catherine the Great and the Russian peasantry
  14. 1880 French and English population in cities
  15. Boers
    • -Southern Africa
    • -Resented British incursions into their territory
    • -Were placed in British concentration camps
  16. Lech Walesa
    First non-communist government in the Soviet bloc
  17. Hundred Years War
    Settled whether England was to retain continental possessions in France
  18. Founder of French absolutism
    Louis XI
  19. Flemish Renaissance
    • -Attention to detail increases realism
    • -Sentimentality and anecdotal style
  20. Henry IV foreign policy
    Prevent Habsburg encirclement of France
  21. Cardinal Mazarin of France
    Established the legacy of absolutism
  22. Privy Council
    Controlled legal cases
  23. Hohenzollerns
    unified fracutred German land into a stron Prussian state
  24. English "South Sea Bubble"
    The inflated confidence in a British corporation of investors that collapsed
  25. British North American Act
    Allowed Canada to administer its own affairs
  26. Home rule for Ireland
    Supported by British Liberal and Conservative parties
  27. House of Lords
    Permanently reduced by 1911
  28. The People's Will
    Associated with assassination of Czar Alexander II
  29. Compulsory conscription
    First used in Germany
  30. Walter Ulbricht
    Established a strong Communist force in East Germany
  31. Bretton Woods Conference
    • Purpose: Help promote economic stability in the post-World War II era
    • -Established the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
  32. France left Indochina when
    it lost the battle of Dien Bien Phu
  33. Sino-Soviet split (1960s)
    caused by philosophical disputes about the meaning nd paths of Communist expansion
  34. Alexander II
    • reformed serfdom
    • improced the army
    • reorganized the judiciary system
    • "Russified" Poland
  35. "Peace in our time"
    Munich Pact
  36. Operation Barbarossa
    Goal was to launch a suprise attack against the USSR
  37. Pablo Picasso's Guernica
    Influenced by the Spanish Civil War
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