NUR 41 weeks 10 Ego Defense Mechanisms

  1. Regression
    Returning to an earlier form of behavior in a face of a threat to self esteem

    Ex. When a potty trained girl starts wetting her pants & wanting a pacifier once her baby brother is born.
  2. Repression
    Unconscious forgetting of parts or all of an experience.

    Ex. A girl lost her job & continues to waste $$ as if she still gets a paycheck
  3. Denial
    Unconsicous refusal to allow painful facts, feelings, or perceptions into awareness

    Ex. A man has a serious heart condition but continues to jog 6 miles a day even though the doctor told him to be careful with his physical activity
  4. Rationalization
    offering a plausible explanation for unacceptable behavior

    Ex. A girl saids she is not alcoholic & she always has blackouts & drinks jus when she is not working
  5. Projection
    Attributing unacceptable feelings, facts, behaviors, or attitudes to others

    Ex. A girl gets a critical evaluation at work and saids that its because her boss does not like her.
  6. Displacement
    Redirecting feelings onto an object or person considered less of a threat than the original object or person

    Ex. A man dislikes the way a doctor is treating him but doesnt say anythin. instead she takes it out on the clerk who she said took too long to make her new appt.
  7. Intellectualization
    Unconcious focusing on only the emotional aspects of a situation or circumstance

  8. Reaction Formation
    Unconscious assuming of traits opposite of undesirable behaviors

    Ex. A amn has a history of alcholism and is known in the community as an advocate of provision
  9. Sublimation
    Redirecting socially unacceptable unconcious thoughts and feelings into socially approved outlets

    Ex. A man has a lot of anger management and decides to become a butcher and enjoys his job
  10. Undoing
    Verbal expression or actions representing one feeling, followed by expression of the direct opposite
  11. Suppression
    Painful, frightening, or threatening emotions, memories, impulses or drives that are consciously pushed or "stuffed" inside.
  12. Conversion
    Mental conflict converted to a physical symptom...

    Ex. A soldier on being deployed into battle is conflicted about his desire to serve his country but believes it is wrong to kill for any reason develops paralysis, blindness, or deafness with no medical cause.
  13. Identification
    An ability available very early in life that children use to attach themselves to certain qualities, emotions, and attitudes of someone else...especially during the modeling period between eight and thirteen.

    This helps the child further develop the Adult Ego State and the Parent Ego State.
  14. Compensation
    Covering up weaknesses by emphasizing desirable traits of making up for frustration in one area by over gratification in another
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NUR 41 weeks 10 Ego Defense Mechanisms
NUR 41 weeks 10 Ego Defense Mechanisms