Pharmacology Chapter 14

  1. The simplest, most common method of preparing bacteria for examination and id is:

    D. the gram stain
  2. The most common pathogens responsible for CAP incl which of the following?
    I. haemophilus influenae
    II. chlamydia pneumoniae
    III. streptococcus pneumoniae
    IV. legionella pneumophila
    V. mycoplasma pneumoniae
  3. A drug that inhibits growth of bacteria is:
  4. A bactericial agent would:
    kill bacteria
  5. MRSA and VRE are examples of
    resistant bacterial pathogens
  6. Penicillins exert thair pharmacological activity by:

    D. inhibiting cell wall synthesis
  7. Penicillins are
  8. The natural penicillins are primarily effective against:
    I. gram- bacteria
    II. gram+ bacteria
    III. viruses
    IV. anaerobes
    V. mycoplasms

    A. II and IV only
  9. Aminoglycosides are used primarily for:

    D. gram- infections
  10. Ventilator-assoc pneumonias have been successfully treated with:
    Gentamycin & Tobramycin
  11. Aminoglycosides, such as trobramycin, have been aerosolized specifically for the treatment of:

    A. CF
  12. Tetracyclines are effective against which of the following:
    I. protozoa
    II. mycoplamas
    III. pickettsiae
    IV. gram+ microorganisms
    V. gram- microorganisms
  13. The antibiotic used to treat pneumocystis carinii (jiroveci) infections is:

    D. TMP-SMX
  14. Nosocomial transmission of tuberculosis can be prevented by:
    placing patients in resp isolation
  15. Isoniazid would be indicated to treat
  16. The major adverse reaction to antimycobacterial agents such as isoniazid and rifampin is:

    D. hepatotoxicity
  17. The treatment of choice for pulmonary infetions such as aspergillsis, histoplasmosis, and coccidiomyocosis is:

    D. amphotericin B
  18. A major toxic effect of amphotericin B admin is:

    D. renal impairment
  19. Which group of antibiotics is effective against P. aeroginosa lung infnections in CF when taken orally?

    B. fluoroquinolones
  20. A patient with IV has been diagnosed with PCP. YOu are asked to recommend an antibiotic. YOu would suggest:

    D. TMP-SMX
  21. All of the following are antimycobacterials used to treat TB except:

    C. gentamicin
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