Pharmacology Chapt 13

  1. Pentamaide is a(n):

    c. antibiotic
    C. antiprotozoal agent
  2. Inhaled pentamidine is indicated for:

    B. prevention of PCP
  3. the trade name for aerosolized pentamidine is:

    C. nebupent
  4. Pentamidine can be admin by which of the following routes:
    I. inhaled aerosp;
    II. intramuscular injection
    III. syrup
    IV. tablet
    V. intravenously

    D. I, II, and V only
  5. The approved dose of pentamidine by aerosol for prevention of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) is:

    B. 300 mg/4weeks
  6. Pentamidine is administered by aerosol w/ which nebulizer

    C. respiragard II
  7. The mode of action of pentamidine is:
  8. Local airway side effects of aerosolized pentamidine incl which of the following?
    I. wheezing
    II. coughing
    III. SOB
    IV. bad taste
    V. spontaneous pneumothoraces
    all (I, II, III, IV, and V)
  9. Systemic side effects of aerosolized pentamidine can include which of the following?
    I. pancreatitis
    II. conjunctivitis
    III. neutropenia
    IV renal insuff
    V. rash

    A. I, II, III, IV, and V
  10. Ribavirin is classified as a(n):

    D. virostatic
  11. The trade name for ribavirin is:

    B. virazole
  12. Ribavirin is active against which of the following?
    I. TB organisms
    II. Influenza virus
    III. RSV
    IV. pneumocystis carinii
    V. Herpes Simplex Virus

    A. II, III, and V only
  13. Norm dose of ribavirin admin is:

    A. 20 mg/ml neb for 12-18 hrs/day, 3-7 days
  14. The small particle aerosol generator (SPAG) unit operates on what principle?

    A. jet shearing
  15. The neb used to aerosolize ribavirin is the:

    A. SPAG
  16. Respiratory syncytail virus (RSV) can cause which of the following:
    I. asthma
    II. bronchiolitis
    III. pneumothorax
    IV. pneumonia
    V. CF

    B. II and IV only
  17. A drug that is used to prevent serious lower resp tract infections with RSV in children under 24 months of age is:

    D. respigam
  18. RSV-IGIV would be used to :

    B. prevent RSV infections
  19. The disease that aerosolized antibiotics have been most consistently used for is:
  20. The aminoglycoside antibiotics are effective in treating:

    C. gram- infections
  21. Relenza is a(n):

    C. antiviral agent
  22. Zanamivir would be indicated for

    A. uncomplicated influenza
  23. A patient with Pneuocystis pneumonia has been systemically treated for the infection, without success. You recommend aerosolizing:
    a. ribavirin
    d. pentamidine
    c. tobramycin
    d. colistin
    d. pentamidine
  24. Which of the following drugs is available in DPI:

    C. zanamivir
  25. Tobramycin is a member of which antibiotic group?

    B. aminoglycosides
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