History Quiz 3

  1. Envelopment
    An attack against the flanks of any enemy's army, in hopes of eventually envirvling it
  2. Emancipation
    The formal release of slaves from bondage, as it happened in January 1863
  3. Flanks
    The sides of an army's line in battle. A flanking movement is attacking the sides
  4. Forage
    The search for food by soldiers often at the expense of farmers in a battle area.
  5. Greenback
    Paper money used during the Civil War in the North
  6. Hardtack
    A quarter inch or half inch thick hard cracker eaten by Civil war soldiers.
  7. Haversack
    Cloth bag used by soldiers to carry rations and food
  8. Infantry
    Foot soldiers marching and fighting together. The vast majority of Civil War soldiers were infantry
  9. Ironclad
    A ship covered with iron plates and used in the Civil War. famous Merrimac vs. Monitor first ever naval battle between ironclads in 1862. The revolutionized naval warfare
  10. Main attack
    The big, concentrated attack against the enemy's weak or critical point
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