Physics Overview

  1. Percent difference
    • (measured value-expected value) x 100
    • expected value
  2. Atomic Number is the number of
  3. If a nucleus emits a beta particle then the atomic # ____ and the mass ____.
    changes and stays the same
  4. Solenoid equation
    • μ0nI
    • where n is the number of turns per length and the I is current
  5. When power goes up what happens to the resistance?
    it goes down
  6. What happens to the current when the voltage is doubled?
    It is doubled
  7. what 2 things does the magnetic field in a solenoid depend on?
    diameter of the solenoid and direction of the current
  8. the strength of magnetic field in a solenoid depends on what two things?
    current and coil number
  9. in a series circuit the current...
    stays the same
  10. milli-
  11. Kilo-
  12. period
  13. what does ultrasonic imaging use?
    doplar effect and beats
  14. sound level is measured in
  15. sound intensity is measured in
  16. sound level equation
    10dB log (intensity/I0)
  17. frequency is
  18. work is
    force x distance
  19. power is
    work over time
  20. gravitational potential energy
    mass x gravity x height
  21. if kinetic energy is doubled what happens to the work and the force?
    the work and the force also double
  22. kinetic energy varies as
  23. volume is
  24. pressure is
    force over area
  25. density
  26. velocity is
    acceleration x time
  27. how does gravitational force vary?
    by distance2
  28. electric field is the
    difference of voltage/ spacing
  29. decreasing distance by 2 does what to intensity?
    it increases it by as a f factor of 4
  30. Energy Stored
    1/2 current x voltage2
  31. voltage is
    current x resistance
  32. a watt is
    • volts x amps
    • joules/seconds
  33. disipating power
    • I2R
    • where I is current and R is resistance
  34. volts are
    amps x ohms
  35. a joule is
    newton x meter
  36. free fall equation for how far
    1/2 gravity x time2
  37. distance travelled equation (from rest)
    1/2 acceleration x time2
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Physics Overview
Measurement, Newton's laws, work, energy, conservation of energy, buoyancy, sound, electricity, circuits, magnetic forces, the atom, nuclear physics in medicine.