OB Term4

  1. After Pains
  2. Amniohook
    Under sterile conditions = use of hook to perform amniostomy
  3. Amniotomy
    Artificial rupture of the membrains (AROM)
  4. Birth center
  5. Birth Plan
    Is a written documentation which expectant mom expresses her desires for labor + birth
  6. Birthing room
    in which both labor + delivery take place
  7. Braxton Hicks
    false labor (painless short irregular)
  8. Cervical OS
    Mouth of the cervix
  9. Colostrum
  10. Crowning
    Woman to push - rectum dialates = perineum bulges - top of head appears
  11. dialation
    1 to 10 cm = cervix opening
  12. duration
    length of each contraction
  13. effacement
  14. engagement
    is the term used when the fetal head has moved down in birth canal + no longer be moved or
  15. engorgement
  16. epidural
    common method of anesthesia cath inserted dural space spinal column
  17. episiotomy
    incision in perineum / which enlarges the vaginal opening for easy delivery
  18. fetal monitor
    used to record 120 - 160 bpm rate + quality of FHR during + b4 contractions
  19. frequency
  20. fundus
    upper curve of the uterus
  21. intensity
    strength of contraction
  22. interval
    time from start of one contraction until the start of the next one
  23. intrapartum
    time period during which labor + delivery take place
  24. involution
    reproductive organs return to non pregnant state
  25. labor
    series of events during a woman's uterus contracts and expels a fetus + completes the birthing process
  26. labor contractions
  27. lactation
  28. lie
    normal lie = longitudinal (up + down) transverse = he cannot be delivered. Term used to compare the position of the fetal spinal cord to that of the woman
  29. lightening
    the settling of the fetus into the pelvis 2 - 3 weeks before birth
  30. lochia
    vaginal discharge that occurs following delivery blood/tissue metallic smell
  31. lochia alba
  32. lochia rubra
    first 2 days mostly red + bloody (slight metallic smell)
  33. lochia serosa
  34. nuchal cord
    loops of cord wrapped around babies neck
  35. postpartum
  36. presentation
    refers to the Body part of fetus that lies closest to the pelvis + will enter birth canal
  37. show
    the loss of sticky mucus plug seals the cervix during pregnancy
  38. Stages of labor
    • I. Dialation = uterine contractions cause the mouth of the cervix to open + move fetus toward into the birth canal. I. latent. II. Active. III. Transitional.
    • II. Expulsion = uterine contractions continue + increase in intensity until the baby is delivered through the vaginal opening
    • III. Placental: expelling of placenta after delivery
  39. tocodynamometer
    a pressure sensitive device used to monitor the frequency of contractions Increment - acme - decrement
  40. Uterine contractions
    causes the cervical OS of the cervix to dilate and move the fetus toward into the birth canal
  41. station
    refers to the level of descent of the fetal presenting part into the birth canal
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