1. Define and describe sensation
    The activation of the sense organs by a source of physical energy
  2. Define and describe perception.
    The sorting out of, interpretation, analysis and integration of stimuli by the sense organs and brain
  3. Define absolute threshold
    The smallest intensity of a stimulus that must be present for the stimulus to be detected
  4. Define Just Noticeable Difference
    Just Noticeable Difference the smallest level of added or reduced stimulation required to sense that a change in stimulation has occurred
  5. You are sitting directly in front of the marching band
    at a pep rally. When they first begin to
    play, it is so loud that you think it is unbearable. After 30 minutes, you hardly notice the brass
    section screeching behind you. This is
    an example of sensory
  6. location and function of the iris
    part of eye located near the optic nerve, It separates the anterior and posterior chambers of the eyeball
  7. location and function of the pupil
    located in the center of the iris, It regulates the amount of light that enters the eye
  8. location and function of the fovea
    located in the back of the eye, flips image right side up
  9. location and function of rods
    located in the back of the eyeball, highly sensitive to light
  10. location and function of cones
    located in back of eyeball, sharp focus and color perception
  11. What are ganglion cells? Where are they located? What is their function?
    Located in the retina,works like cons and rods
  12. Describe the trichromatic theory of vision.
    The theory that there are three kinds of cones in the retina, each of which responds primarily to a specific range of wavelengths
  13. Describe the opponent process theory.
    The theory that receptor cells for color are linked in pairs, working in opposition to each other
  14. What is the structure and function of the cochlea?
    A coiled tube in the ear filled with fluid that vibrates in response to sound
  15. Describe the gate-control theory of pain
    The theory that particular nerve receptors in the spinal cord lead to specific areas of the brain related to pain
  16. What happens to our skeletal muscles during REM sleep?
    Our muscles relax so we don't act out our dreams
  17. About what percentage of total sleep time do adults spend in REM sleep?
  18. What symptoms are associated with cocaine withdrawal?
    General fatigue, Prolonged sleep, depression
  19. What symptoms are associated with heroine withdrawal?
    Anxiety, Vomiting, Sneezing, diarrhea, lower back pain
  20. What effects can be the consequence of long-term abuse of marijuana?
    Memory difficulties, increase body temperature
  21. decreases the likelihood of a behavior occurring again
  22. increases the likelihood of a behavior occurring again
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