Presidents and Events APUSH

  1. Bill of Rights
    Whiskey Rebellion
    cotton gin invented
    George Washington
  2. XYZ Affair
    Alien and Sedition Acts
    John Adams
  3. Marbury v. Madison
    Louisiana Purchase
    Embargo of 1807
    Thomas Jefferson
  4. War of 1812
    American System
    James Madison
  5. industrialization
    Missouri Compromise
    Monroe Doctrine
    James Monroe
  6. Erie Canal
    Tariff of Abominations
    John Quincy Adams
  7. Nullification and bank war
    Jacksonian Democracy
    Indian Removal Act
    Andrew Jackson
  8. Trail of Tears
    Panic of 1837
    Martin Van Buren
  9. 1st President to die in office
    William H. Harrison
  10. Irish and German immigrants
    Oregon Trail
    John Tyler
  11. Texas annexation and Mexican War
    Gold Rush
    Seneca Falls Convention
    James K. Polk
  12. Fugitive Slave Act
    Zachary Taylor
  13. Compromise of 1850
    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Millard Filmore
  14. Bleeding Kansas
    Gadsden Purchase
    Franklin Pierce
  15. Dred Scott
    Herpers Ferry raid
    James Buchanan
  16. Secession and Civil War
    Emancipation Proclomation
    first President assassinated
    Abraham Lincoln
  17. 13th and 14th amendments
    Radical Reconstruction
    impeachment trial
    sharecropping in the South
    Andrew Johnson
  18. 15th amendment
    transcontinental railroad
    Panic of 1873
    Battle of Little Big Horn
    Ulysses S. Grant
  19. Compromise of 1877
    labor unions and strikes
    Rutherford B. Hayes
  20. assassinated
    James A. Garfield
  21. Standard Oil trust created
    Edison lights up New York City
    Chester A. Arthur
  22. Dawes Act
    Samuel Gompers and AFL
    Grover Cleveland
  23. Wounded Knee Massacre
    Sherman Anti-Trust Act
    Populism and Hull House founded
    Benjamin Harrison
  24. Plessy v. Ferguson
    Pullman strike
    Tammany Hall
    Grover Cleveland
  25. new immigrants
    Spanish-American War
    Open Door Policy
    William McKinley
  26. Progressivism
    Square Deal and Big Stick Diplomacy
    Theodore Roosevelt
  27. Dollar diplomacy
    NAACP founded
    William H. Taft
  28. WWI and League of Nations
    18th and 19th amendments
    Woodrow Wilson
  29. Tea Pot Dome scandal
    cars and planes alter America
    Warren G. Harding
  30. Jazz Age
    Harlem Renaissance
    Calvin Coolidge
  31. Stock Market Crash
    Depression and Dust Bowl
    Herbert C. Hoover
  32. 1st and 2nd New Deal
    WWII and Holocaust
    Japanese Internment
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  33. A-bomb and Marshall Plan
    Cold War begins and Korean War
    United Nations created
    Harry S. Truman
  34. McCarthyism
    Brown v. Board of Education
    Highway Act and suburbs
    rock 'n' roll and youth culture
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
  35. Camelot and March on Washington
    Cuban Missile Crisis
    John F. Kennedy
  36. Civil and Voting Rights acts
    ML King assassinated
    escalation in Vietnam
    anti-war and counter culture
    Great Society
    Lyndon B. Johnson
  37. feminism
    US pulls out of Vietnam
    China visit
    Richard M. Nixon
  38. pardons Nixon
    Gerald R. Ford
  39. stagflation/energy crisis
    hostages in Iran
    James E. Carter, Jr.
  40. rise of conservatism
    Cold War ends
    Ronald W. Reagan
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