Virology Polyomavirus

  1. Poly- means: and -oma means:
    • Many
    • Tumor
  2. Polyomavirus virion is __?__.
    Naked Icosahedral
  3. Polyoma- genome is __?__.
    Circular dsDNA packaged as "minichromosomes" with nucleosomes formed from celllular histones
  4. Polyoma- genes are transcribed in __?__ which are called __?__.
    • in two units
    • early (regulate cycle/direct DNA rep) and late (Virus capsid VP1, 3, and 3)
  5. Examples of Polyoma include: __?__
    BK and JC virus
  6. Polyoma distinct characteristics include :__?__ (X4)
    • dependant on cellular RNA synthesis and RNA processing enzymes and DNA rep machinery
    • T antigens are oncogenes that can transfrom nonpermissive cells in vitro (binds pRb and p53)
  7. pRb and p53 are __?__/
    • They are both tumor supressor genes. By deactivating them the virus induces cell proliferation so it can be replicated.
    • Does so without letting p53 put the cell into apoptosis
  8. The T antigen __?__ p53 trx and __?__ pRb.
    • Blocks
    • inhibits pRb which is a trx factor usually bound to DNA preventing trx. (inhibiting pRb activates trx)
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Virology Polyomavirus
Virology Polyomavirus