Virology Parvovirus

  1. Parvo means __?__
    small because it is the smallest virion
  2. Parvovirus virion is __?__.
    naked icosahedral
  3. Parvo- genome is __?__.
    linear ssDNA (+ or -) with self complementary hairpin structures at terminus that act as primers.
  4. Parvo distinct characteristics include: __?__ (X6)
    • Stronge dependancy on cell cycle
    • Autonomous parvo replicates only in S-phase
    • Dependo- requires a helper virus
    • DNA must first become double stranded before trx
    • Site specific integration (adeno-associated virus)
  5. Dependo- requires either __?__ or __?__ viruses to undergo replication.
    • (AAV)
    • -Adenovirus or Herpesvirus
  6. Without AAV Dependo __?__ by __?__ because __?__.
    establishes a latent infection by inserting its genome because Rep78 binds, cleaves and promotes integration.
  7. Adenovirus provides __?__ which __?__.
    • E1A (transcriptional activator of AAV genes and cellular DNA replication genes)
    • E1B ( transports AAV mRNA to cytoplasm for Tln)
  8. Know replication process and Rep78 prot involvment.
    • 1. Hair pin (ABCA' [3' end] with palandrom at other end
    • ABCA')
    • 2. Host DNA pol extends 3' end (has -OH)
    • 3. Rep nicks at A' of 3' end so hairpin can unfold and be copied on new stand
    • 4. Hair pins reform (on old and new strands)
  9. Examples of Parvovirus include:
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