1. what was the 1555 peach of augsburg about? what religious groups did it exclude?
    religion would be the same as the rulers.

    lutheranism and catholics
  2. french protestants were called ______
  3. who did aristocratic women support in the french wars of religion?
  4. what was the st. bartholomew day massacre
    henry of navarre is set to marry a catholic woman, charles thinks its a trick and causes the massacre it ends in 1589 and henry becomes king.
  5. what was the result of the edict of nantes in 1598
    peace between england and spain of 1604 and truce between spain and holland of 1609 religious warfare in NW europe came briefly to an end
  6. identify northern europe's leading commercial and financial center during the first half of the 16th century
  7. william of orange fought to free the netherlands from whose rule
  8. why was the english defeat of the spanish armada in 1588 a decisive moment in western history
    because by england defeating the spanish armada it allowed protestantism to continue to grow and survive
  9. why did the thirty years war begin
    religious conflict between catholics and protestants
  10. what contry emerged as the most powerful on the european continent after the thirty years war
  11. identify some things that henry IV did to promote economic development in france
    improve transportation system, handed out instructional guides of farming techniques, built factories & encouraged new iundustries
  12. what was the primary goal of cardinal richelieu's government
    increase and centralize royal power
  13. what was the fronde?
  14. what exactly did king james 1 do to antagonize parliament during his reign
    devine right, raised money not sanctioned by parliament, gave all his friends commercial monopolies
  15. what forced charles 1 to summon parliament after he had ruled without for eleven years?
    when a war broke out in scotland
  16. how did oliver cromwell rise to power
    through parliament
  17. what happened to charles 1
    he was beheaded
  18. why did most english men and women welcome the restoration of the monarchy
    they were forced to
  19. most formal trials on chargers of witchcraft were carried out by _________
    state courts
  20. what were the main theme of montaigne's essays
  21. who was the most popular of the elizabethan dramatist
  22. the best known baroque painter of the dutch golden age was _______
  23. be able to define the political theory of absolutism that existed in the 17 & 18 centuries
    governed by devine right and according by their will
  24. what ruler personifies absolute rule
    louis XIV
  25. which european gov developed into an autocracy during the early modern period
  26. the most important opponents of royal absolutism were _____
  27. why type of gov did the united provinces in the netherlands have in the 17 century
  28. why did absolutist rulers such as louis XIV want sole control of the state
    wanted to bring/maintain order
  29. how did james II of england create a firestorm of controversy and set off a national crisis
    converted to catholicism
  30. what was the glorious revolution of 1688-89
    it occurred with bloodshed and also because it firmly established as a mixed monarchy governed by the king of parliament
  31. what are the primary arguments in john locke's two treatises of gov
    locke said that the only law was the law of the nature which says that individuals enforce for themselves their natural rights to life liberty and property locke condemned absolutism in every form.
  32. what were the motives behind louis XIV's massive construction of the palace of versailles
    he did it to demonstrate his splendor & to control nobility.
  33. what was louis XIV religious policy
    determined to impose religious unity in france, regardless of the economical and social costs this entitled. he believed god would favor him in return for such fidelity
  34. the royal finance minister who increased revenues in france during the reign of louis XIV was _______
  35. what was an enormous drain on the treasury of france during louis XIV reign
  36. how did the treaty of utrecht 1713 alter the balance of power in europe
    great britain got trading rights and french territory in the new world
  37. what was unique about habsburg absolutism as practiced under maria theresa and her son?
    enlightened absolute rule
  38. what ruler set a strong foundation for developing prussia into a great power
    frederick william "great elector"
  39. what was the outcome of peter the greats policies
    established russia as a great military power established a parliament and tried to bring russia into the modern era
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