1. Vamp
    anterior portion the easier to open the better
  2. Quarter
    • the posterior sportion high or low
    • low is better for orthotics
  3. Sole
    bottom portion of shoe
  4. Heal
    Beat are broad , low less than 1 inch
  5. Shoe Linings and Reinforcements
    • Steel toes
    • Toe box to protect the toes from traum
    • Linings absorb perspiraion
  6. Longtudial Arch Support
    Prevents depression of the subtalar joint
  7. Semiridge UCBL
    to realign a flexable flat foot
  8. Metatarsal Pad
    • convexity on semi-rigid insert to elevate the metetarsal heads
    • can help to decrease tone
  9. Posterior Leaf Sping
    Prevent foot drop
  10. Solid Ankle AFO
    stabalize a weak ankle, doesn't allow movement
  11. Articulated with Plantar Flexion Stop
    • high extensor tone
    • prevents knee hyperextension
  12. Articulated withj dorsiflexion stop
    Prevents knee flexion and crouched gait
  13. Floor Reaction Force
    Prevents dorsi felxion and knee flexion
  14. KAFO
    to aid a person with extensive paralysis or limb deformity
  15. HKAFO
    • to aid control of the hip and knee
    • restricts amb to swing to or swing through
  16. Craig Scott KAFO
    • Anke knee with metal uprights
    • wearere achieves hip stability by leaning back and resting on Y ligaments
  17. RGO
    • Reciprocating gait orthoses
    • Hips are joined by 2 metal cables
    • Allow Pt to use a reciprocal gait pattern
    • Parawalker
  18. Corset
    • Provides abdominal compression
    • an increases in intraabdominal pressure
    • reminds Pt to limit thier motion
  19. Prefabricated Vs. Custom Molded
    • Pre-Fab: less expensive, ordered in SML, works well if average size Pt, possibel to be temporary use
    • Custom: more exprensive, reverse impression, better if Pt has unique proportion or lack or sensation
  20. Resting Position of the Hand
    • midway between pronation and supination
    • 12-20 degrees wrist extension
    • All fingers slightly flexed
  21. Tenodesis Split
    • Wrist extends
    • fingers flexed
    • Used for Quad
  22. Shoulder Slings
    • Hemiplegia: double trough arm slings, cuff slings - helps approximate head or humerus without holding distal extremity in fixed postion
    • Orthopedis Slings: airplane sling - used for post op shoulder surgeries allow structures to heal ina shortened position post operatively
  23. Basic Opponens
    Designed to position thumb in abduction/opposition and maintain thumb web space, while leaving hand in functional position for use
  24. Wrist Flexion Control (cock up splint)
    used to maintain functional position of the hand used for a variety of diagnosis
  25. Wrist Driven Prehensile Orthosis (Tenodeisi Splint)
    • Stabilizes the thumb index and middle fingers when Pt extends wrist, splint causes the fingers to close. SCI Pt without innervation of finger flexors
    • Only works with the forearm pronated
  26. Places to watch For slints
    • Wrist Splits
    • Web Space
    • Base of Thumb
    • Knuckles
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