Chapter 18: Management of Employee Welfare

  1. What were employees historically protected by?
    the union
  2. What is the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)?
    a piece of legislation that creates several administrative agencies that deal with employment issues
  3. What main issue does the FLSA deal with?
    minimum wage
  4. Which federal department typically enforces the FLSA?
    the Department of Labor
  5. What's significant about the Equal Pay Act?
    it is illegal to pay different wages based on gender for employees doing the same work
  6. What does OSHA stand for?
    the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  7. What is OSHA concerned with?
    workplace safety issues
  8. What does OSHA try to prevent?
    accidents and exposure to hazardous materials in the workplace
  9. What does OSHA require employers to do report?
    any incidents in the workplace to OSHA administration
  10. What's the significance of Worker's Comp(ensation)?
    If an employee is injured in the scope of their employment, they can recover benefits.
  11. What does Worker's Comp waive your right to?
    your right to court
  12. Describe the Family Medical Leave Act.
    allows up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in any 12 month time period for family needs
  13. What is the purpose of Social Security?
    Those who could work provides a shoulder for those who can’t.
  14. How long to unemployment benefits typically last?
    up to 26 weeks (assuming you weren't fired from your job)
  15. How is unemployment typically calculated?
    It is usually a certain percentage of what your wage was when you were working.
  16. What is the significance of COBRA?
    Employees can have continued health care coverage at the group rate when leaving a job (required) at the employee’s own expense.
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Chapter 18: Management of Employee Welfare
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