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  1. Amount of MALT whne Government POC is Auth and available but you dont use it?
    When GV is assigned, the amount is $0.105
  2. Amount of MALT when Government POC is auth, but not available?
    When GV is Authorized, the amount is $0.275
  3. What is the maximum amount of time for storage the Transportation Officer can allow?
  4. What article of the UCMJ do you counsel a member on when conducting a reenlistment?
    Article 137
  5. Convert Kilometers to miles for a TDY question
    Kilos X 0.62
  6. You receive a fax for an official document, you should stamp it what?
    Action copy do not destroy
  7. Directive marked "CI" with an "F" next to it means?
    Commandant Instruction For Official Use Only.
  8. How far in advance can a person request to reenlist?
    90 days
  9. What is the minimum amount of time a person may put in his retirement request?
    6 months
  10. How far in advance must an SOI go in to the system for someone who is retiring?
    60 days
  11. how many days do you have to respond to a Congressional correspondence personal and military?
    5 days
  12. How many days do you have to respond to a Congressional correspondence concerning CG operations?
    10 days
  13. What is the 4th paragraph in a directive?
  14. FS1 Food brings you his dd-214 and wonders what his reenlistment code of RE-4 stands for.
    Not eligible for reenlistment
  15. HS2 Needle wishes to increase his allotment for voluntary payment of a government debt who can change his allotment?
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