Social Studies

  1. Etruscans
    People that played a major role in shaping Roman civilization
  2. Romulus & Remus
    - Two brothers in Roman mythology who are credited with the founding of Rome
  3. Tarquins
    • - Cruel ruling group of people that the Romans
    • overthrew
  4. Legion
    - A group of 6,000 soldiers
  5. Republic
    - A form of government in which its citizens vote for its leader
  6. Apennines
    - The mountain range that runs the length of Italy
  7. Veto
    - Latin word for “I forbid”
  8. Plebeian
    An artisan, shopkeeper, or owner of a small farm
  9. Consuls
    - The ruling class and top officials of the Roman Republic
  10. Senate
    - Rome’s most important legislative, lawmaking body
  11. Dictator
    - A ruler with complete control over the state
  12. Scipio
    - The Roman general who helped win the Second Punic War
  13. Patrician
    - A wealthy landowner
  14. Cincinnatus
    Best known early Roman dictator of the Republic
  15. TwelveTables
    •Rome’s first code of law

    •Adopted around 451 B.C.
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