ch. 7.6 cytoskeleton

  1. Cytoskeleton Functions (4)
    • 1.provides strenght to cell
    • 2.maintains and changes cell shape
    • 3.moves contents inside cell
    • 4.moves whole cells
  2. The three kinds of cytoskeleton
    • 1Actin microfilaments: the thinnest in diameter
    • 2. Intermediate filaments are medium sized in diameter
    • 3.Microtubules are the largest in diameter
  3. Which types of cytoskeltons are involved with cell movement?
    • -Actin microfilaments
    • -Microtubles
    • -because they have polarity (opposites)
  4. Actin microfilaments
    • -Made of actin, ag lobular protein
    • -activated by binding to ATP
    • -found in periphery of cell
  5. Actin movement
    • -actin interacts with a motor protein called myosin
    • -myosin forms thick filaments with numerous motor heads
    • -myosin moves across the actin on its head
  6. Intermediate Filaments
    • -medium sized
    • -skin, hair, and nails made of keratin
    • -ones in nucleus made of lamins
    • -not involved in movement because its not polar
  7. Microtubles
    • -made of tubulin
    • -large hollow tube like
    • -Kinesis and dyneins have motor heads
    • -use ATP to energize
    • -carry organlles and vesicles
    • -crucial in cell division
    • -9+2 arrangement
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