ISD EXAM - Root definition & Rich picture

  1. What is a Root definition ?
    A Root definition is a structured and concise description of a system.
  2. What are the characteristics of the root definition ?
    · Who

    · What

    · Whom

    · Who

    · Answerable

    · Environment
  3. What is the sentence with the characteristics ?
    Who is doing what for whom, and to who are they answerable, what assumptions are being made, and in what environment is this happening.
  4. Give an example of a root definition (Fence painting example)
    A system owned and run a householder, to paint a garden fence by hand with a brush, in keeping with the decoration scheme of the property, to make the property look better.
  5. Give an example of a CATWOE declaration (Fence painting example)
    customer: householder

    actor: householder

    transformation process: unpainted fence à painted fence

    world view: amateur painting can enhance appearance

    owner: householder

    environment: hand painting
  6. What is a rich picture ?
    A rich picture is a diagram, presented in the form of an abstract drawing, that provides an overview of the system.
  7. Why is it beneficial to draw a rich picture ?
    It is beneficial to draw a rich picture, because the ideas are schematized, which may help to understand the complexity of an entire situation and identify the issues.
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