Isaiah- Couplets

  1. Why? All of Isaiah's words will be fulfilled
    How? Read Isaiah
  2. Why? Isaiah inspires and teaches
    Many prophets took teachings from Isaiah
    • How? Search and study Isaiah's gospel teachings
    • The Ethiopian, "how can I unless some man guides me"
  3. Why? We can learn from Isaiah today
    Doesn't give history lessons, rather lessons from history. Patterns that we can apply in our own life, the fate of unrighteous nations
    • How? Liken to yourself
    • Rewrite the chapter
    • Prepare a talk/lesson
    • Write a poem
    • Doctrinal based sermon
  4. Why? Isaiah is profoundly prophetic
    Isaiah is hard for many people to understand because they do not know the way the Lord commanded Isaiah to prophesy.
    • How? Study Isaiah's manner of prophesying
    • 1. Parallelism
    • 2. Symbolism
    • 3. Philosophy of teaching
    • 4. Revealed keys
  5. Why? Isaiah taught Israel concerning her covenants with the Lord
    How? Review the Lord's covenants in the ancient scrptures
  6. Why? Isaiah promises the return of Israel
    How? Study Jewish and Lamanite history
  7. Why? People in the last day will witness the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecies
    How? Review the restored gospel and the signs of the times
  8. Why? Isaiah's words are plain to those with the spirit of prophecy
    How? Gain the spirit of prophecy
  9. Why? Isaiah has seen the Lord?
    How? Develop yourself spiritually
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Isaiah- Couplets