Zoo Lab Mammalia EXAM 4

  1. what body region is composed of the pectoral girdle, ribs, sternum, & thoracic vertebrae
    the thorax, trunk
  2. What composes the abdomen region of the trunk?
    lumbar vertebrae
  3. What composes the sacral region of the trunk?
    sacral vertebra & pelvic girdle
  4. What are the ear flaps called?
  5. What are vibrissae?
    wiskers, mechanoreception
  6. what delivers blood from the mom to the fetus?
    unbillical arteries
  7. what delivers blood from fetus to mom?
    Umbillical viens
  8. What excretes waste from the fetus to mom?
    allantoic duct
  9. what does having diecious teeth mean?
    they fall out and get a second pair
  10. what hold the tounge to the mouth in a pig?
    frenulum linguae
  11. what are papillae?
    taste buds
  12. what is the function of the tounge?
  13. Where is the hard palate located?
    anterior to the soft palate in pig mouth
  14. what is the epiglottis?
    flap that covers the glottis, for protection
  15. Name & define the 2 regions of the pig stomach.
    cardiac (large), pyloric (skinnier)
  16. What composes the small intestine?
    douodenum (anterior), jejunum, and ileum
  17. where does most absorbtion occur in pig digestive sys?
    ileum, in small intestine
  18. WHat recieves biale from gall bladder and material from pancreas?
  19. what does the ileocecal valve do and where is it located?
    controls flow form cecum to large intestine
  20. what does the cecum do?
    bacteria aids in digestion
  21. What transports bial from the gall bladder to the doudenum?
    common biale duct
  22. What dies the occipital condyle articulate with?
  23. Male Pig
    function of epidymis?
    where sperm mature
  24. Male Pig
    Gubernaculum function?
    holds testis to bottom of proccess vaginalis
  25. Male Pig
    male accessory glands function?
    produce sperm
  26. Male Pig
    seminal vessicles location?
    swollen white behind pelvic portion of urethera
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