ED417 Test

  1. What is the value of a Running Record?
    • -determine the instructional level of a child
    • -MSV
  2. What are two prompts given to a beginning reader stuck on a word?
    • -Check the pictures
    • - Get mouth ready for first sound b/b/b
    • -Do you see a chunk you know?
  3. How do you decode a word?
    Sound it out
  4. Formative Assessment
    Everyday- helps you decide what to teach next
  5. Summative Assessment
    End of the year test
  6. Which do you prefer: Basal or reading workshop model? Why?
    • Basal= scripted
    • Work Shop= Student driven
  7. What is the value of a read aloud?
    Above their reading level gives them a chance to use a higher level questions, clarify questions.
  8. How can the 6 trait writing help students improve their writing?
    • - conventions, organization, voice,
    • - the rubric tells you what to do
  9. What are some strategies to help children with low fluency rate?
    • - ROAR
    • -Readers Theater
  10. How many numbers are in the alphabet?
  11. Phoneme
    • 44
    • Smallest part of spoken language that makes a difference in the meaning of words
    • ( ch/e/k/)
  12. What are four reciprocal teaching strategies?
    • -predict
    • -question
    • -clarify
    • -summarize
  13. What is ZPD?
    • -Vygotski
    • -Zone of Proximal Development (level of difficulty)
    • -Their instructional level, where they can achieve with help from a teacher
    • -90-94%
  14. Value of a word wall
    • -Help spell
    • -Help write
    • -Help read words
    • -ABC order
    • -High frequency words
  15. Value of a word sort
    • -Vowel sounds
    • -look at how words are a like and different
  16. Vowel Digraph
    Two vowels make 1 unique sound
  17. Consonant digraph
    • Sh
    • Ch
  18. Vowels
    A, E, I , O, U, and Y
  19. Word Family
    Cat, Rat, Hat, Bat
  20. Syllable
    Part of a word that has a vowel in it.
  21. Synonym
    Happy--> Glad
  22. T or F? Suffix is a morpheme (meaning) that is added to an end of a word?

    Example: Cat--> Cats.........................Call-->Called
  23. Similie
    Busy as a bee

    (Uses like or as )
  24. Share reading vs. read aloud (differences)
    Shared reading: Big books, kids read, basal reader

    Read aloud: Teacher reads
  25. MSV
    Meaning, structure, visual
  26. what is meant by-Scaffolding student's understanding
    Giving them a little more information so they can figure it out themselves
  27. What is an onset?
  28. What is a part of a word that is a rhyme?
  29. How do you determine the readability of a text?
  30. T or F? A prefix is a morpheme added before the text?

    Example: Unhappy
  31. What is the onset of a word?
  32. Orthography
  33. Morpheme
    smallest unit of meaning
  34. Miscue
  35. Metacognition
    Thinking about your thinking
  36. Longest sound of "O"
    Boat, Toe
  37. Invented Spelling
    Write the sounds
  38. KWL Chart
    Know, Want to Know, Learned
  39. Homograph
    Tear, Tear
  40. Homophone
    Deer, Dear

    "Hi Marry, Merry Christmas!"
  41. Grapheme
    Letter or letters that represent a phoneme (sound)
  42. Letters in the longest grapheme ever?
    4 through
  43. What are two characteristics of a guided reading group?
    • Approximately the same level
    • Read to themselves
    • Intro to book
    • Picture walk

    *Teacher is always there
  44. What are three characteristics of a fluent reader?
    • Speed
    • Prosody
    • Accuracy
  45. Expository Text
    • Non-fiction
    • Informational
  46. Name a consonant blend
    Ch, Sh, Th
  47. What is a dipthong?
    Vowel the glides

    Oi, OY
  48. What is echo reading?
    The teacher reads, then the kids read
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