Soc Review 1-2

  1. Sex
    An individuals membership in one of the two biological categories, male or female
  2. Gender
    Refers to the physical, behavioral, and personality traits considered normal for males and females
  3. Sexuality
    Refers to the desire, sexual preference, sexual identity, and behavior
  4. Essentialists
    Believe gender roles are tied to biology and cannot change
  5. Interactionalists
    Emphasize how gender is socially constructed, maintained, and reproduced in life
  6. Intersexed / Hermaphrodite
    About 1 in 1,000 are born intersexed/hermaphroditic, which means having an abnormal chromosomal makeup and mixed or indeterminate male/female characteristics
  7. Gender Role Socialization
    Lifelong process of learning to be masculine or feminine, primarily through four main agents of socialization : family, school, peers, and media
  8. "Doing Gender"
    Following rules and behaviors that are expected of us as males and females
  9. Gender Roles
    Sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany one's status as male or female
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