Soc Review 1-1

  1. 3 elements that cause black-white achievement gap theories to endure
    • 1. Fear of acting white
    • 2. Internalization of negative stereotypes (Stereotype Threat - psychological process which occurs when members of a negatively stereotyped group are placed in a situation where they fear they may confirm stereotypes)
    • 3. Argument about intelligence from genetics
  2. Myths of Preferential Policies
    • 1. Affirmative action is thought to be the only form of preferential treatment
    • 2. Affirmative action takes away opportunities from deserving white students
    • 3. Blacks and Hispanics who gain admittance through affirmative action are unprepared and will fail
  3. The Dream Act
    Under this act undocumented immigrants can be eligible for a conditional path to citizenship for military service or two years of college
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Soc Review 1-1
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