Lesson 60

  1. balm
    a soothing substance or one that gives relief
  2. conservatory
    a greenhouse or place where plants are raised, a school for music and art
  3. demur
    to hesitate, to delay, to object
  4. demurE
    serious, reserved, coy
  5. expiate
    to atone or to make amends for a sin or a crime
  6. fountainhead
    principal source or origin
  7. furrow
    to make wrinkles or grooves
  8. hallmark
    a distinguishing characteristic or trait
  9. inclement
    stormy, severe
  10. jaded
    weary from overuse, surfeited
  11. juxtapose
    to place close together or side by side
  12. loiter
    to stand idly or to linger aimlessly
  13. mince
    to restrain one's speech or to euphemize in order to show politeness
  14. monolithic
    massive and rigidly fixed uniformly
  15. obeisance
    an attitude of resepct; a gesture made in token of respect
  16. peccadillo
    a slight offense, a small fault
  17. polemicist
    one skilled in argument and in refuting attacks
  18. propound
    to put forth for discussion or analysis
  19. renege
    to go back on one's word
  20. repast
    a meal
  21. rudiment
    an essential element or skill, also the early stages of development
  22. sieve
    a utensil for sifting or straining
  23. tether
    to fasten or to confine as with rope
  24. urban
    having to do with a city or characteristic of a city
  25. vouchsafe
    to grant in a condescending manner
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