Neuroscience Exam 2

  1. Fast synaptic transmission at most CNS synapses is mediated by the amino acids:
    What do the amino acids: glutimate (Glu), ganna-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and glycine (Gly) do?
  2. Which amine mediates fast synaptic transmission at all neuromuscular junctions?
    What kind of junction does the amine acetylcholine (ACh) mediate?
  3. Which chemical category mediates slower forms of synaptic transmission?
    What kind of synaptic transmission do peptides, amines, and amino acids mediate similarly?
  4. What is Grey matter? Why was it named this?
    A collection of neuronal cell bodies in the CNS is called what? When a fresh brain is cut open the neurons appear what color?
  5. What is the cortex?
    A collection of neurons that form a thin sheet usually at the brain's surface (superficial).
  6. What is the Nucleus
    a clearly distinguishable mass of neurons, usually deep in the brain (ex. Latteral geniculate _____).
  7. Substantia is what?
    a group of related neurons deep within the brain, but usually with less distinct borders than nuclei.
  8. What is Locus (plural: loci)?
    a small well defined group of cells.
  9. What is a ganglion?
    a collection of neurons in the PNS.
  10. What is the only gangion in the CNS?
    the basal ganglia, which control movements.
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