Amer. Hert. Final

  1. The New South
    • By Henry Woodfin Grady
    • [Laughter]
    • Putiran and Cavilier similiar
    • Voice of people as voice of God
    • When a soldier comes home from war, they went back to work
    • Cornerstone analogy
  2. Wealth
    • By Andrew Carnegie
    • Bind rich and poor in harmonious relationship
    • Must follow law b/c it ensures survival of the fittest
    • Must accept inequality of people economically
    • Wealth can be disposed in 3 ways:
    • 1. Money to kids
    • 2. Money to public use
    • 3. Money to institutions (Carnegie hall)
  3. The Creed of the Old South
    • By: Basil Lammeau Gildersleeve
    • Confederate boy with toothbrush
    • New patriotism is expected but local patriotism will be affected
    • State's rights are still important
  4. People's Party Platform
    • Enemy has decided to drown out plundered class' voice
    • More power to the people
    • If they don't work, they don't eat
    • Direct election of senators
  5. The Frontier in American History
    • By Frederick Jackson Turner
    • Wilderness remade the colonist
    • We are truly American in West- european in other places
  6. The Fallacy of Territorial Expansion
    • By William Graham Sumner
    • Expansion is not all gain: lots of costs as well
    • Penalty of Greatness
    • Have geographical advantage over Old World: want to get away from old European ways
    • How would we govern the new states AKA Phillipenes
  7. March of the Flag
    • By Albert Beveridge
    • Our founding fathers expanded- we will do the same
    • We want commercial supremacy in the world
    • We must govern those who cannot govern themselves
    • March our flag south and westward
    • Must do our duty to the world
  8. Platform
    • By American Anti-Imperialist League
    • Losing exceptionalism that we gained from Britain
    • Adopted the very principles we were trying to escape
    • Does the constitution follow the flag and where does it go?
  9. The Eclipse of Liberalism
    • By Edwin Lawrence Godkin
    • DOI not longer arouses enthusiasm
    • we are helpless w/o congress=bad
    • Man is supposed to be superior to the state
  10. Plunkitt of Tammany Hall
    • By William L. Riordan
    • "honest" graft
    • Saw his opportunities and took em
    • Bought votes by helping others
    • southern language
  11. The New Nationalism
    • By Theodore Roosevelt
    • Populism: Quick responsiveness to people's needs
    • Socialism: expanding welfare
    • Nationalism: work towards benefit of people as a whole
    • Don't want to reward laziness
  12. The New Freedom
    • By Woodrow Wilson
    • Public control
    • Newtonian vs. Darwinian theory- chekcs and balances
    • Adapt or die
    • Contradictory- ancient roots but trying to change young men through educational change (unlike their fathers)
    • Tyranny- need to reform
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